Sunday, 21 April 2013

dogs and art (weekend recap)

Hello loves!

Sunday again and oh boy was that a weekend...big fun but really exhausting.
Let's start with Friday when I visited my best friend and his darling dogs. It was awesome to hang around and play with the dogs or hit the streets of Silent Hill on PS3 - just like it was back when we were 15! Good times!

Friday night I was invited to a friend's birthday in Cologne, but didn't stay long for different reasons. By midnight I was on my way to the station already, but life is full of surprises, no? I met a couple of guys who were looking for a good party and eventually joined them, so we hit the clubs until daybreak.
These are these unique events that life throws your way. We met, we got along well, we partied together, had fun and went home without exchanging contacts. I'm pretty sure I will never see these guys again and that's totally fine.

Yesterday was "Long Night Of The Museums" here in Düsseldorf, so I pounded different locations with a friend. I don't really get modern arts (see first photo of this post...), but it was really cool and we saw some interesting stuff.
At KAI 10 there was a performance artist performing  "electro horror" with strange electro sound compositions and light animations. I've never seen something like this before, it was weird but pretty impressive.
We also visited a candle labyrinth in a church and afterwards headed for an exhibition in a former hardware factory. More crazy artsy shit (see below) there, I tell you.

Like I said, I don't really get modern art. But maybe that's exactly the point - people stop and wonder about a piece of art and  think about what it could mean. And even if you cannot find an answer for yourself, it doesn't really matter because at least the artwork triggered something in you. This is my excuse for being a philistine. What's yours? ;)

Have a nice Sunday!

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  1. sieht nach einer interessanten ausstellung aus! vor allem das "shit" bild ist klasse :D

  2. Tolle Bilder!

  3. echt nice !
    Dein Blog ebenfalls..
    i follow you !
    Du kannst ja auch mal bei mir vorbeischauen. xoxo

  4. Great dogs :)

  5. This looks like a really great weekend, spending time with pooches is always so fun. Definitely puts me in a good mood :D

  6. Cute dogs!

  7. I don't get modern art either! I have a theory that half the time the artist is just a troll taking the piss out of everyone to see who is stupid enough to take their work seriously. Like that framed picture with fake dog poo!

  8. Hunde - meine Absolute Liebe und Leidenschaft. Du hast hier wunderschöne Bilder präsentiert und wirkst super sympathisch! Auf meinem Blog ist mein kleiner auch vertreten! Hab einen wundervollen Tag und bleib wie du bist!

  9. Love your dogs ! :)

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  10. Looks like a super fun and cultured weekend! ;) you're too cute girl!


  11. Interessanter Post! Süße Fotos am Anfang <3


  12. on the other hand, i enjoy modern art!! i love all it eccentricity and weirdness! :D

    p.s. loving the dog photos!! :D

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  13. baha yers art you are just meant to look at for a long time and think.

    meeting new people is fun, I ALWAYS meet new people

    xx Domenic

  14. Sehr süße Hunde! :)

    Also das ''Shit'' Bild hat echt was :D

  15. Aaaaw, die Hunde sind ja total putzig! Ich vermisse es wahnsinnig, Tiere um mich herum zu haben und deswegen kann ich gut verstehen, wieviel Spaß das gemacht hat! :)
    Und BITTE, wie toll ist dein T-Shirt!? Kriegt man das mal in einem Outfitpost zu sehen? (Oder vielleicht gab's das schon, und ich hab's verpasst - das muss ich überprüfen!) :D

    Liebst, Sara.

  16. Du bist einfach mit fremden Typen Party machen gegangen!? Wie COOL bist du denn :D

    Und den Teppich mit den wilden Tieren finde ich aber irgendwie ganz nice ^^ Unsere Nacht der Museen bestand darauf vor dem KIT Sekt und Wein zu trinken und dann tanzen zu gehen :-P

  17. Your friend has three dogs?? The fun never stops, I imagine.:) And they're adorable, especially the black one - ADORABLE face.:)

    Electro horror??:D I'm a huge fan of electro but I'm SCARED of horror movies, I never go to haunted house at carnivals and stuff, I'm too scared, so this would be interesting...:)

    And you didn't kid about the crazy artsy SHIT, did you...:) Sometimes... I just don't get art that's out there, really out there. I don't condemn it, but I don't get it either.:D

  18. haha, these pictures are so fun!


  19. Deine Haare sehen sooo toll aus auf dem erste Foto!


  20. ohh my those dogs are adorable!! :)

  21. Das ist das schöne an Kunst, unergründlich und voller Überraschungen. ;)


  22. animals are the most adorable creatures in the whole world :)

  23. Tolle Bilder :)

  24. how a lovely post! I like it very much :)



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