Wednesday 16 May 2012

a new addiction

Hi guys!

I have a new addiction: blushes.
It all began with nail polishes taking over my fridge... I told myself I should stop buying naill polishes because I have so many of them, especially all different shades of red. Then I even stopped painting my nails for several weeks to let them recover from all the damage the polishes did to them.
And then I somehow discovered my love for blushes. I have bought more blushe sin the last two months than in the whole last year... ehm I should stop doing that...
Anyway, these here are my two very favourites:

The Catrice Defining Duo Blush in "Apricot Smoothie":

A lovely apricot colour for spring! It makes my cheeks look fresher and is a flattering tone for pale skin.
I don't have the most professional brush, but still I think the texture is a tad too "crumbly" when you first apply it. After blending it in it gets powdery though and it feels good on the skin, you don't feel caked with make-up or so.
I don't remeber exactly, but the price is somewhere between 3-5 €, so that's also a bonus point.

The Alverde powder blush in "Flamingo":

My new "goes with any make-up" choice concerning blushes! I love the not too flashy pink tint and the absolutely awesome soft and silky texture on the skin. Furthermore it's really flattering for my chubby cheeks! :)
It blends in easily and lasts all day (but maybe that's because I always fix it with transparent powder?).
I have nothing to complain about this blush and can totally recommend it. I'll try other shades of it soon.
Oh and btw the price is also somewhere between 3-5 €!

So, what do you say? Do you like these? Which one is better?
Do you have a favourite blush to recommend?

Have a lovely day everyone!

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  1. ich favourisiere auch die alverde blushes! hab 3 oder 4 verschieden farbtöne! :)

  2. I used to have a huge obsession with nail polish too! But now i've calmed down lol. Blush is great too ^_^ and they look really nice on you! :)

    Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo

  3. Ohhh I really like them both! The Apricot is really subtle but beautiful, but the Flamingo is definitely my favourite! They both look great on your very pale skin :D
    I love blush too, but I'm never very daring with it, most of the time I wear just the teeniest bit.

  4. Flamingo ist auch mein Rouge! ;)


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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