Saturday, 19 May 2012

Michelberger Hotel and Szimpla bar

Hi guys!

Farah and I arrived safely in Berlin yesterday and checked in at the really cool Michelberger Hotel in the late afternoon. As the blogger conference didn't start before today, we had the chance to roam the city - or at least "our" district - a bit last night.

But first, here are a few (mobile phone) snapshots of the hotel and our room:

Our room is smaller than expected to be honest, but it's cozy and furnished in a kind of 70s meet country mix with a tad of modern style in the cute little bathroom. However it was a big surprise when we discovered that the shower and bed are only separated by a (yes, transparent!) glass pane, so if you're in bed you could watch the other one taking a shower! Ehm yes, strange idea! I don't know who did the interior design here, but he or she must have been a bit voyeuristic?!
And as the shower/glass pane/bed all point towards the window, even the people from outside could watch you under the shower if you forget to close the curtain.
WTF?! xD

Apart from that, the hotel in general is really stylish! It's full of all sorts of furniture and decoration from different eras, very knick-knacky and shabby chic. There are books on a shelf in most rooms and I read there are even some rooms with instruments to play on or with a Play Station and a projector and whatnot.

In the evening, after resting ourselves a little, we headed out for food and drinks. We grabbed falafel in a Lebanese snack-bar and then looked for a very special place: Szimpla bar.
It's funny because Szimpla actually is a really cool bar in a run-down house in Budapest (I wrote a post about it here), but they also have a "branch" here in Berlin.
Okay, the one here is not in a run-down building and doesn't look as charmingly fucked up as its bigger sister in Hungary, but they offer a great range of Hungarian wines, beers and spirits though.
So we sat there in some lovely vintage armchairs, sipped on our Pálinka and cocktails and made plans for today.
Today is going to be the first conference day, so I'm excited and curious about the program.

Until next time! Have a lovely day! :)

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  1. Haha oh my goodness that is so fucked up the way your hotel room has a see through shower!!!!!! I have never heard of such a thing!

    Anyway, hope you have a good time at the conference, I look forward to seeing more pictures of Berlin :D

  2. This looks like a ton of fun!! You always get to go to awwesome places. Sounds like areally neat hotel :)

  3. Just went through Frankfurt twice but never Berlin! Looks like fun! And my sister's name is Carina too! Good name :)

  4. the room looks so pretty!! great photos :)
    thanks for the cute comment , dear.

  5. Das Zimmer sieht richtig toll aus, da wäre ich auch gerne gewesen :D ;)

  6. das hört sich doch nach einer guten reise an... viel spass noch.

  7. That's brilliant! A Szimpla in Berlin! :)))

  8. Revealing shower aside, this is one of those places I would love to visit someday! Sounds like a cool experience!


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