Thursday 24 May 2012

The Hive day two

Hi guys!

How are you? I hope it's just as lovely and sunny outside where you are as it is here. :)
Today is my birthday (eeek 26.....), so I'm just dropping in to post part two of my The Hive report and afterwards I'm going to grab some ice-cream with my mum .;)

So about Sunday, the second and last day of the conference: here is what I wore first.

♥ cardi + flats: primark ♥ dress: vila swapped via kleiderkreisel ♥ belt + bracelets: h&m ♥ necklace: jewelmint ♥ bangle: accessorize ♥ watch: new yorker  ♥

The second conference day again offered some really interesting and cool keynotes (if you're interested in the topics you can check them here). I took home some great inspiration and there are a lot of things in my mind concerning the blog, that I will or will not apply on it in the future, we'll see... ;)
Anyway, in general although all keynotes were great, my two very favourites were "The business of blogging" by Designmom (I didn't know her blog before, it's amazing!) and I also really liked the keynote by Zilverblauw because of her likeable and strong way of presentation.
In between the keynotes there were little breaks with yummy lemonade and some of the most delicious muffins I ever had. Oh and then in the afternoon some photography workshops took place, they were categorized in food photography, how to make a home studio and so on. I was able to get some good advice and got to know the image editing software Lightroom for the first time.

Unfortunately Farah and I missed out the last words of the hosts because we had to catch our train back home, but even without the farewell keynote I really enjoyed being part of this conference with all the other bloggers! Kudos to the hosts, speakers and catering for organizing such a cool event! I'd love to visit The Hive 2, 3, 4 and so on in the future and I hope there'll be the chance to do so.
Also a BIG THANK YOU again to Sophie of Kleiderkreisel, who made it possible for us to go on this trip and take part in the event (and also thank you for the great idea of founding Kleiderkreisel, I'm totally back into swapping business since I've returned from Berlin)!

Happy Wednesday to everyone!

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  1. Laut KK hast du heute Geburtstag?
    Ist das korrekt? Bevor ich mich hier blamiere. XD
    Alles Gute. <3

    Und du siehst klasse aus, am Besten gefällt mir das Outfit von Tag 1, aber das hier mag ich auch sehr. V.a. das tolle Spitzenkleid!

  2. das sieht echt toll aus, das kleid ist so schön <3

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! :) Girl! You are looking absolutely gorgeous, and I completely adore these photos! That pink wall is sucha beautiful backdrop against your white dress :) xo!

  4. Alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag <3
    Dein Outfit finde ich wirklich wunderschön, ich stehe im Moment total auf Spitze.
    Liebste Grüße und noch einen schönen Restgeburtstag ;-)

  5. Love this dress! The lace is so pretty : )

    Also I think we have the same bangle


  6. That cardigan is the coolest!!

    The Lithium Girl

  7. Thanks a lot girls! :)
    Yes it's true, it's my birthday, so thank you very much for the congratulations! A birthday post will follow tomorrow ;)

  8. It looks like you're having fun!! This is awesome, you get to go to so many places for your work. I am quite jealous!
    I am in love with your lace dress, it's a gorgeous piece. It looks lovely with the cardigan too.

  9. u look really nice in the outfit!

  10. Gorgeous dress! And that cardi is beautiful! x

  11. Hey, happy birthday! :)
    This conference sounds just great, and from the pictures the atmosphere seems really nice! :) Ooh, and thse muffins...


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