Friday, 25 May 2012


Hi guys!

Oh my goodness, at the moment my days can't have enough hours, I stay up much too late because Patrick is not here to drag me away from the computer at 11 o'clock to go to bed and watch Tv until we fall asleep. So instead I stay up longer, bustle about, do thousand little things and just can't manage to calm down a bit before bedtime. I've been having such a bad sleeping rhythm the last days, this seriously has to stop next week.

Anyway... yesterday was my birthday! I turned 26. Wow, time flies, it's unbelievable...
My birthday was pretty uneventful because Patrick is away, my dad is on vacation, so after work my mum came over and we went downtown to grab some burgers and ice-cream. It was the perfect relaxed "hanging out with mum" evening. :) 

♥ dress: vero moda ♥ cardi: promod ♥ hair bow + fox ring: h&m ♥ necklace: diy via kleiderkreisel ♥ shoes: sun & shadow ♥

This dress, I looove it! I purchased it via Zalando last month, it was on sale for 24,95€ so I really couldn't resist. I've been wishing for a cute (if possible black) dress with such a collar for over a year now but couldn't find "the one" - now I found it.
The cut, the print, the collar, everything is so darling - definitely one of my new favourites! Nevertheless I'm still trying out different outfits with it because I find it quite hard to style (and I don't even know why because I own a lot of patterned dresses).
Whatsoever, my birthday seemed to be the right occasion to wear it out for the first time. :)

Oh and my mum gave me the sweetest thing for my birthday (literally): a chocolate camera! :D Aww my mum is the best, such a cute idea! Of course that's not the only thing I got, I told everyone I'm saving up for a new handbag - a rather expensive and high quality one of Fossil or Liebeskind - so I also got money.
I'll show you the bags I fancy in a post soon, but first here are the pics of the chocolate cam and of our burger feast! :)

Just to make you even more jealous: we went to Häagen-Dasz afterwards... ;)

Hope everyone had a good day!

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  1. bold and fun ideas for this season.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!! Big ol' 2-6 is a good one I think. I love your dress, I keep seeing it, and it's frickin adorable. I love the print and fit! Looks like a cute date with your momma :)

  3. Ich wünsch dir alles Liebe nachträglich. :-)

  4. How cute you are!
    I love everything you're wearing, dear! <3

  5. Happy birthday Carina!! It looks like you and your mom had a lovely time, she seems really sweet (that chocolat camera says it all) :D

    Oh, and you should definitely come and visit Portugal, I'm sure you would love it!!

  6. You look so pretty, great style!
    Amazing blog:-) Check mine and let me know if you would like to follow each other:-)

    Come and win!

  7. happy birthday, nachträglich! das braune kleid ist super süss! hätte ich gewusst, dass ich diesen sommer in flats verbringen muss hätte ich meien primark schnüroxfords nciht verkauft (deine schuhe erinnern mich an sie ...)

    bin gespannt auf deine neue edel-tasche.

  8. Such a cute dress! I love dressed with collars :)


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