Thursday 7 April 2011

skipping spring

Hi guys!

Thanks for the comments on my belated blog birthday post! I can't believe it's been a whole year already, time really flies. I wonder how old this blog will get... well, we'll see ;)

Anyway, so the new semester is on and I have so much more to do than I had to in the last ones. On the one hand I'm critical about all the term papers because I'm a lazy procrastinator but on the other hand I'm full of beans to finish my bachelor studies as soon as possible so I can move on to the master studies. My schedule is full of interesting seminars, mainly philosophy. There is "Pseudo-Sciences and the Belief in the Paranormal", "Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics" and also a really cool Anglistics seminar called "Discovering Horror". I can't wait to read more Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne and all. Of course there's much more on my schedule, but the mentioned ones are the most interesting classes.

♥ dress & bag: ebay ♥ shirt: fleamarket ♥ belt & sunglasses: primark ♥ tights & shoes: thrift shop

How do you like my new huge bag? I got it pretty low priced at Ebay, it was about 5€ including the postage. The seller probably wasn't in the mood to write a detailed article description because the auction title only said "big bag", so I think I was the only person who found it. It could be vintage but I'm not really sure about it, well it's very spacious either way so everything is fine.
The outfit is casual and comfy, perfect for a sunny day on campus. It seems Germany is skipping spring and directly pushes along to summer, we hit the 20C° again today and it felt like a mild summer day in June or July. However the mornings are still rather crisp so I put on an in-between coat before I left the house.

Patrick left for a skiing holiday with a good friend today and now I have the apartment all for myself. He'll return on Sunday so I plan to meet friends, watch movies and do the housework to kill time and to keep me occupied in the evenings. It feels strange to come home after work or uni and nobody's there and nobody will come. We've been living together here for almost two years and I got so used to it that I can't imagine living alone anymore (although I lived alone for three or four years before). Alas, we're all creatures of habit right?

♥ necklace & ring: h&m

One of the good things about Patrick's absence is that I can cook what I want without respect for all the things he doesn't like. When I cook for the both of us I have to avoid most vegetables (the only exceptions are spinach and red cabbage) and all kinds of fruits, so now you know why I'm always ill and overweight ;) No I'm just kidding, of course I do eat vegetables and fruits but in the majority of cases not in our principal meals, rather for breakfast or supper.
Anyway, today I immediately seized the chance and cooked a tasty pan-fried meal with gnocchi, red peppers, broccoli, ham and a creamy herbs sauce.
Et voilà:

And there's still something left for lunch tomorrow, yum :)

Have a nice day!

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  1. I love the retro vibe of this outfit! It's one of my favorites from you! I'm also trying to finish my bachelor degree and go for master, but I'm also a lazy ass:)) That meal looks yummy!

  2. I love your 'big bag' and the bunny ring of course! Glad you're excited about your studying!

  3. That big bag is amazing and so was the price! Really like your casual look too - plaid power ;)

    In response to your question: yes i'm planning a move to canada for my masters. Almost everything is in order so i'm hoping for smooth sailing. And yes it was in response to my "don't know what to do now" phase... Let's just say i'm happy to have a plan!

    good luck with the new semester

  4. Hahaha!! I'm glad to meet another person who likes winter!
    20cº? We have 30cº here!! I hate hot weather!!
    Your bag is so cool :). And I love that ring, rabbits are so cute!

  5. Hehehe I couldn't help but find it funny that you call 20C summer weather! Here in Australia it has finally hit 20C and this is our "autumn/winter" weather, weird right? Everyone is complaining about how "cold" it is :P

    Your outfit looks adorable, red plaid and denim looks so unbelievably good together!

  6. Everything about this outfit is just wonderful! The denim dress is a dream. I have been hunting for the perfect one for the Spring but haven't had any luck yet. You have such a wonderful style and I am glad to have found your blog!! xoxo

  7. I love this denim dress with the plaid! It's perfect. And Hi giant bag, ammmazing!! It looks like you could fit anything in there :)
    ps. Dinner looks tasssty

  8. Ich erhöhe den Einsatz um ein "Determinismus und Hirnforschung" Seminar ;-)
    Ich habe auch fast nur Philo dieses Semester, weil ich mit Geschichte bis auf 2 Seminare fertig bin ^^
    Die Tasche ist genial. Geht bestimmt viel rein oder?

  9. Ohja da geht mein halber Haushalt rein :)

  10. 5euro for that huge satchel?!?! That's such a steal, girl!:) And I love the dress with the skinny belt. It hugs your body perfectly :) And gnocchi! I LOVE GNOCCHI!!! With red peppers? Mmmmm.... yum! :D

  11. oh my goodness you look absolutely stunning! you are gorgeous and i love that dress so much on you! i've missed you doll!



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