Thursday 7 April 2011


Hi guys!

Oh what a day. Our faculty had to change the lecture times for the new semester so that the first lecture does no longer start at 9.15 am but at 8.30 am. Okay still an acceptable time, but unfortunately the public transport doesn't care about our faculty, at least not the buses. They go every 20 minutes, exactly in a rhythm that makes me either come 20 minutes too early or 20 minutes too late, yay public transport and our faculty both rock...not.
Fortunately the early 8.30 seminar (Philosophy of the 19th and 20th Century) was the only one I had today. Is it only our university or is the first week of a new semester as senseless anywhere else because almost all classes are cancelled?
So I muddled through the seminar with a big coffee until 10 and afterwards had this whole sunny spring day to run errands. Cancelled classes are a blessing on nice days like today :)

♥ pants & belt: primark ♥ cardi & shirt: h&m ♥ shoes: head ♥ bag: accessorize

April is a birthday month in my circle of friends and relatives, that's why I went to the old town and did some gift shopping. My father's girlfriend will get a perfumery giftcard (oh-so-creative, I know) and a funny little thing I found which is called pocket flower. Dad and her both love gardening and flowers, so as a little gimmick I got her this little sealed plastic bag with soil and seeds inside. You have to cut off the top of the bag, water the soil and a lovely flower will grow. Cool idea if you ask me. Then I went to Lush to get a little something (a bath bomb) for a friend, hhmmm I love the smell in this shop. And I also bought something for my best friend's birthday but I can't tell you what it is because she sometimes drops by my blog ;)
But wait, there is more! I also bought pretty things for my upcoming "belated blog birthday and 200 followers giveaway". As soon as there are two more followers I'll start it.

Sorry, I didn't notice this stupid strand of hair when I took the photos. It looks really strange.

Something about the outfit: I snatched these summery pants at Primark for 5€. I tried them on there, liked them, took them home, put them on again and was like "Hmm no somehow they look strange on me." Then I buried them in the closet with the intention to sell them via Ebay someday. Well, yesterday I gave it resp. them another go and tadaa I like them. I think they look pretty cool, even if I'm not really the type for pink florals - at least not on pants. Anyway, I tried to dress down their girliness with black and grey and I think it worked quite well. They will be perfect for hot summer days, the fabric is so soft and light just as a pair of pyjama pants. However I have to turn them up because wearing them with their full length makes me look like a dork. But hey 5€, I'm not complaining.

♥ ring: six ♥ necklace: ebay ♥ shoes: head

Excuse this white thing, it's a band aid for my inflammation.

Speaking of soft and light, how do you like the effect in the photos? I tried out a mix of Lomo-Look and faded effect here with Photoshop because it matches the relaxed outfit and mood. I admit the darker parts look too grainy but that's my fault because I had problems with the camera settings when I took the photos. I think when you have sharp pictures the effect will turn out even better. I'm still struggling with all the features this DSLR monster has, but I'm getting better ;)

Okay, that's it for now. I wish you all a great day!

now playing: jose gonzalez - heartbeats (plus my favourite advertisement ever)!
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  1. i LOVE your look! I can just see how comfy you are in it!! I personally find the same kind of outfit great for a weekend for example:)

  2. your outfits are always SO good!! xx

  3. i really love those floral trousers! :)lovely pictures too

    hope you'll enter my giveaway

  4. your look!


  5. I love the relaxed vibe you have in this outfit, those pants are great and I can imagine they are going to lovely in summer. Can't wait for your giveaway :p

  6. those trousers are SO fun!!! I love them with the grey too, great styling darling!

  7. Those pants are so cool. 5€? I wish I was that lucky :o

    Oh, and I love that song by Jose Gonzalez! He's great!

  8. ja bis zu den urlauben mahcen wir uns hier ne tolle zeit! und bei dem wetter gerade kann man sich ja nicht beschweren :D
    liebste grüße

    ach und die kette ist sooo toll!!

  9. Those floral trousers are fantastic!!! Wow!! And I am in love with these pastel grey brogues, so pretty :)

  10. I hate when public transit is like that!! But I do love...YOUR PANTS! Ammmazing, so pretty.

  11. PULLING. THEM. OFF!!! :D Those pants are amazing!!! Rolling them up is a super good look. I normally look like I'm wearing pyjamas if I wear printed stuff. :(

    p.s: The "PULLING THEM OFF" comment is reference to How I Met Your Mother when Ted goes to ask the gay dudes about his Red cowboy boots. I'm sure you are super cool and totally got that. :P

  12. The first week of classes was useless when I was in university too - basically you would show up and the prof would hand out the course outline and send you home. Complete waste of time.

    I am in love with those pants. Sadly no Primark in Canada, but I'm tempted to scour ebay haha.

  13. Ahhh, you are the cutest thing! I love your floral pants. I want some now! And your oxfords are adorable. So adorable. I want some grey tights badly!

  14. Ohjeee :D echt!? Dann hast du ja auch mein Haardisaster gesehen, hab sie aus versehen dunkler gefärbt, aber noch keine neuen Bilder davon gepostet. Und jaa ich war allerdings in Eile (so wie jeden Morgen ^^) aber stand ich nicht auch an der Geldautomatenschlage Mittwoch morgen?
    Die Hose ist wirklich süß! Gut, dass du sie nicht aussortiert hast, denn so mit grau und schwarz wirkt sie auch gar nicht zu girly oder sowas. Einfach bequem und chic!

  15. Aww, this is beautiful,
    I love it !

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE!

  16. This outfit is amazing! I love love love it! the pants, the top, the shoes. Total love!

  17. #1 - killer outfit
    #2 - can you talk my friends into buying me Lush stuff aswell?
    #3 - word. cancelled classes are bliss. in my case, people that miss their appointments. it's nice to do some photosynthesis instead of pulling people's teeth out.

  18. OMG,these pants are amazing!!!Love your oxford shoes!

  19. oh i love love love love these pants!!

    love jose gonzalez too!


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