Thursday 28 April 2011

late easter post

Hi guys!

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last posts, but it was not my birthday ;)
As usual I'm a bit behind on posting about what happened lately. But at least I managed to keep the chronological order of things, so you can't have everything.
Anyway, this is what I wore today. It's a slightly different version of what I wore on Easter Sunday to visit my Dad and his girlfriend.

♥ shirt: only ♥ jeggings, headband, jacket + shoes: h&m ♥ belt: primark

Last friday on birthday bash #2 our friend Nina told me and the girls that she's going to marry her boyfriend as soon as in the middle of June! Damn, we were stunned and so happy for her! The first bride-to-be in our group of girls :)
I already know that my salary will be pretty low in June, so I thought why not go and look for a dress today?! Haha, I just can't resist a good excuse to go shopping. So off I went and I came home with a lovely Promod dress! Not exactly a typical one for a wedding, but hey I'm simply not the type for sexy cocktail dresses. I'd rather like to feel good in what I wear instead of feeling and looking like a big meat loaf wrapped with pink satin or something.
I won't wear or photograph the dress before the wedding. So, anticipation much? :)

Above you can see the first blooper ever on this blog! Normally I'm too vain to post them (I suck, I know), but this one is superfunny, so I hope you have a good laugh when I tell you that I wanted to strike a nice pose and almost fell on the ground with my face first. I was squatting on tippy-toes and started tilting forward while the self-timer was on :D

♥ ring: bijou brigitte ♥ necklace: accessorize

Uhm, as this is actually an Easter post I think I have to get back to Easter Sunday. So, it was lovely weather, my Dad has a beautiful garden where we sat on the porch and enjoyed ourselves most of the time. My Dad's girlfriend Judith served us a delicious Easter brunch and yummy coffee and cake later on. Judith's sister and her husband and kids were there too, so I had lots of fun watching the two little boys play with the lawn sprinkler and garden hose. I also played tag with them and we blew soap bubbles.

Here are some Bad Taste Toast Easter Sunday impressions for you :)

You can't imagine how tired I was in the evening. I haven't really played outside since I was like... I don't know, I haven't done this in a really long time ;)
I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend too!
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Love the way the plaid dress looks with the denim jacket, very grunge! Overall it sounds like you had a nice, but hectic Easter. It's also nice that the weather looks so good and spring-y in the pictures, that must have been lovely :)

  2. Oh wow that cheese cake looks delicious! I love cheesecake, it's the best!

  3. Just found your blog and absolutely love it! Your whole outfit looks really good on you and particularly the top. Nothing beats red and black, that's for sure


  4. Love the outfit, you look so cool in the red & black top xoxo

  5. wow sounds like a lot has happened - a couple of my friends hve gotten married.. it's so strange!! loving the outfit, tres chic x

  6. I loove the blooper!
    You have definitely had a busy Easter, but it sounds like a lot of fun. It's exciting when good friends get married I'm going to a wedding in May and I'm really excited :) You're outfit is great by the way, you can never go wrong with a red plaid shirt!

  7. You look super cute in that headband and denim jacket! Happy Easter, girl! So far, none of my friends have gotten married... that is going to be a big step in my adult life. : o

  8. I can't wait to see the dress you bought for your friend's wedding! :)

    Oh, and it looks like you had a great Easter, also you looked really lovely!

  9. Love it, great pictures :)

    LOVE minnja

  10. Jap, das haben wir Ostern auch gemacht, einfach mal im Garten abgechillt :)
    Dein outift ist sehr hübsch! Die Jeansjacke passt wirklich gut zum rot-karierten Hemd!

  11. Looks like a lovely Easter! I totally have dessert envy now ;)


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