Tuesday 13 January 2015


Hello hello!

Last Saturday it was pleasant sunny weather so Jarryd and I decided to get out and spend the afternoon doing something nice. After googling back and forth for new coffee shops we could try out (because Perth has quite a lot of them left for us) we decided to head to a suburb called Guildford.
The actual café we wanted to visit, Little Guildford, looked nice from outside but was closing when we arrived. They're only open until 2pm on Saturdays, a phenomenon that seems to be common here in Perth. Even though Australia originates from the British culture with fancy afternoon tea tradition, most coffee shops here close around 4pm on weekdays and even earlier on weekends.

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Coffee-thirsty as we were, we started walking to find another café nearby. On our little walk we came across the Stirling Square Park with its old canons and iron gates - a perfect spot to take some pictures and pull some silly faces, hihihi...
I also fell in love at first sight with Guildford's old post office building, which is so picturesque, it looks like a film set.
When we were both getting hangry we continued our search and discovered the most adorable shabby chic country style tea house and café I've ever seen: Maddison Cottage.
Never in my life have I seen so many quirky metal chairs, fences and bird cages! And the mismatched cups and saucers, oh so cute!

After cappucino, latte, a toasty and a piece of cake the no longer hangry boyfriend and I were happy again. Time to explore the little stores we had seen on our way there before! And what makes a lovely Saturday afternoon with the boyfriend and coffee even better? Antiques!
There are some nice antiques and vintage stores scattered around James Street and some of the backstreets. I don't have money to spend at the moment but I still love to look at all the old knick-knack.
Another very interesting and rather unusual find on James Street was the Museum of Natural History and Academy of Taxidermy. I might sound like a creep but I've always dreamed of discovering such a hidden gem of a place somewhere unexpected!
We couldn't say no to the 5$ admission fee and were not disappointed. The building turned out to be a beautiful former movie theatre built in the 1920s with artdeco ceiling and the old auditorium being the exhibition room.
Stuffed animals mixed with replica, dinosaur statues and lots of other weird interesting things framed the aisles.We spent more time in there than I had expected simply because we found the creepiness paired with surprise, disgust and curiosity so entertaining that we couldn't tear ourselves away.

We didn't have to drive far, got out of the house, didn't spend much money and still had an awesome afternoon - I love it when that happens! We saw canons, a creepy doll in a wheelchair, stuffed animals, dinosaurs, had coffee and explored a suburb I'd never been to. A perfect little weekend adventure if you ask me!

Do you guys do that too sometimes?
Is there anyone here from Perth who can recommend more lovely secret tips about hidden gems, be it cafés, museums or whatever else is out there?
Leave me a comment please!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. love the print on print happening with the dress and shirt!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. This is a great post - that museum sounds amazing, I would love to see it and the park is very sweet! Glad you had a great afternoon - your dress is cute too :)

  3. That latte looks amazing! I love your look, perfect day date outfit.


  4. It's crazy how bright your photos are - I may be a little envious of your warm sunny days! And it looks like you are having a blast exploring your new home! I love wandering around places that are new to me, best way to spend a day!

  5. Your hair looks pretty and so does your outfit. I like the floral print on your dress and your shirt with its convenient pockets. The latte looks and sounds good with the cake. It looks like a very interesting place to live and compared to the below freezing weather where I am in the NorthEastern United States, the Summer weather must be nice. I'm enjoying the photo-tour of Perth Australia via your blog. :D


  6. Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar, habe mich sehr gefreut!
    Schön schaust du aus, wie immer! Das mit dem frühen Schließen ist ja merkwürdig, ich kriege immer erst nachmittags richtig Appetit auf Kaffee!

    Dir noch einen entspannten Abend,

  7. That museum looks so creepy but very cool! I think that would be a fun way to spend the afternoon! Can't believe the coffee shops close so early there! I am glad you found a place to go! Loved your cute outfit! Perfect for spending the day out!


  8. Love walking tour like this. I love your outfit. I've never tried mixing denim with florals and you gave me an idea. Thanks :)

    Looking forward to see more of your posts!

    I'm now following you on GFC+ and bloglovin. Hope you'll do the same :)
    Have a nice day, Ina! :)


  9. GAH NO!! Creepy manikin man!! I love the behind bars pic!

  10. When I read Guildford I thought you meant England Guildford for a sec!! I never knew that Perth had a Little Guildford too! It looks stunning Ina!!
    Lovely travel post - hope you are enjoying every second! I love reading about your adventures xxx


  11. I love this adventure post! It sounds like you and Jarryd had a really fun day, despite that little bit of time when you were hangry. I don't know when I'll be able to get over to Australia, but I like looking at possible places to visit. Thanks for sharing!



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