Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Australia Day

Hello loves!

Thank you very much for your sweet comments on my last post.
I have recovered a bit and was able to relax. I think a lot of the pain in my foot is caused by mental stress so it was good to mentally calm down a bit. Putting my mind at ease has soothed the pain in my foot quite a bit.
It's healing veeery slowly though, so annoying!
Anyways, now I'm back to blogging and for a smooth re-entry after a one week hiatus I only have a short post with snapshots for you.

// cardigan: h+m // dress: h+m // belt: thrifted //

Yesterday was Australia Day, so happy belated Australia Day to all Australian readers!
My first national holiday over here! I dressed in the colours of the Australian flag, Red, White and Blue, because that was the easier version. Australia's national colours are actually Green and Gold but my closet does not offer this combo (because over half of my clothes are stored away in my dad's basement in Germany).
We had Jarryd's family over for a late lunch, then played video games, had drinks and later dessert. Chicken, beef, salad, puff pastry snacks, trifle, we had it all. That's the reason I couldn't eat much today! Still total food coma from yesterday!
It was actually not very Australian of us to stay inside the airconditioned house all day but I am happy we did because it was bullshit hot outside.

I'll be back with picture-heavier posts soon and wish you a happy Tuesday!
Tomorrow is already hump day and the next weekend is almost in sight so hang in there people!

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  1. Aw glad you are feeling a bit better! I loove your dress, looks fab. Hope you had a great Australia day!! I went to see some Aussie comedy which was fab and made me miss down under! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I hope you're much better now! It sucks to be under the weather, indeed. Sounds like you had a great Australia Day - anything with lots of delicious food is a win in my books - and you look gorgeous! That white dress looks darn good on you, especially with your red hair, and that blue cardi just pops! Take care, hon :)

  3. I LOVE that H+M dress! It's wonderfully feminine and extremely pretty. Your blue cardigan looks wonderful with your pretty red hair. I'm glad you're feeling less pain in your foot, but please continue to be careful with it. How hot does it get there in summer? It's the middle of winter here and there's a blizzard going on outside where I am - high winds, temperatures in the 20s Fahrenheit and 2-3 feet of drifting snow. Brrr. Keep cool and I'll try to keep warm :)


  4. you look divine in that white dress!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. This outfit is so cute, i love your dress!
    xx Tineke

  6. Love your hair!!! Is that your natural color?? Stunning!!


  7. I hope you enjoyed your first Australia Day here and I love that you dressed in the colours of our flag- I should have done. I sure liked having an extra day weekend this week.

  8. I love that you color-coded your outfit for the event.
    Did you say trifle? I just drooled all over my keyboard :)


  9. this dress is amazing!
    you look so beautiful:)


  10. Total süßes Outfit, aber ich mag eigentlich alle deine Kleidchen.^^ Schön, dass es dir wieder ein bisschen besser geht! Hoffentlich geht's weiter bergauf - und hoffentlich gaaaanz schnell! :-)

    LG, Sabrina

  11. Love this outfit and I am glad you are feeling better :)


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