Thursday 29 January 2015

carry our house to oz

Hello hello!

How have you been?
I am a bit tired today because a big fat thunder storm woke me up last night. The thunder and lightning were directly above our neighbourhood and it sounded like war had broken out. For a moment I thought a tornado would come and carry our house to Oz (haha see what I did there?!).
The badweather front was still lingering around Perth this morning and we had the first rain in 60 days, so I decided it was time to wear my lovely little rain jacket. Polkadots and florals combined on one jacket? That's pretty much perfection if you ask me. 

// rain jacket: primark // dress: primark // belt: vintage // bag: kmart // shoes: vans //

As a good blogger I have to talk about the weather, yes I know. And I did in the paragraph above. However even though it is a boring topic I have to additionally say: holy crap does it suck when it rains in 35 °C! Not that I don't know these humid days from our summers at home in Germany, but Australian weather takes air humidity to a new level for me.
I already start to sweat while I put make-up on in the morning (what a hassle!), then usually when I leave the house and walk to the train station a nice relatively cool morning breeze dries the compact powder on my face. Not today though: after the 5 minute walk to the train station I was sweating like crazy! Wet armpits and a sweaty neck with moist hair sticking to it in the morning, mmhhh who doesn't love it?! 

Okay, enough complaints about the weather! I'm still no fan of hot or sultry weather but I have to admit I'm handling the weather here much better than expected. Yes yes self-praise is no recommendation, I know. But it's true!
More about this and other aspects of going abroad in the next post because it's time to stop and look back on the last 3 months. Yes that's right I've been in Perth for 3 months already! Crazy, isn't it!?
Time flies...

Happy Thursday and until next post!

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  1. This rain jacket is so cute! Polka dots and florals are one of my favorite combination. Also, I definitely know how hard it is to deal with humidity. It sucks when you invest time doing your hair and makeup, and you end up sweating and looking like you didn't try at all. You, however, manage to look extremely gorgeous. I'm looking forward to your update/reflections post about moving to Australia. :D

    Sweet Helen Grace

  2. I'm don't think you're in Kansas any more! I love "The Wizard of Oz".
    Your polka dot and floral print jacket is beautiful, and I love how it catches the wind! I also love your black dress with it's white lace inset around its neckline.
    As for the right makeup for hot and very humid weather, I'm pretty sure Jade who hails from Western Australia would have or has already Vlogged humid Australian weather makeup tips. She hasn't posted lately on her blogs Fight for the Best You, Make Me Stunning, but she's been very active with her Make Me Stunning YouTube channel videos.
    Best wishes from a freezing, deep snow covered part of the NorthEast U.S.A. with more snow on the way.

  3. THAT BAG!

  4. *lol* I know it's a little boring sometimes, but yes, fashion bloggers really DO have to talk about the weather! Because either you're dressing for it, or your dressing in spite of it, and it's good to know which.
    I sympathize with the sweatness, but I actually love hot summer rain. It can be really nice to go outside with no shoes and clothes you don't care about and just get drenched when it's really wet - not on your way to work, of course.
    You look really cute here. That coat is awesome!
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

  5. Wow three months go by so fast it seems. Love your printed jacket! I am not a fan of super hot weather, however mide to humid if okay. Enjoy the weekend. x/Madison
    Style Files Foodie Inspired

  6. It's humid where I live from about April until November and I absolutely hate it so I understand! It really sucks. At least you got to wear your super cute rain coat! The print on it is adorable.

    Jamie |

  7. Love this vintage-ish look. Pretty! :)

    Have a nice day! :)


  8. Hi Carina, lovely to meet you. You look fabulous. I really love your coat too. I know the weather has been so muggy here and next week is not looking any better. Hope you enjoy your stay in Perth.

  9. Geez! Three months already?!?! Loooooving that raincoat!


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