Tuesday, 5 August 2014

sailing to hyrule

sailing to hyrule outfit post title


Long time no see!
It's been a bit quiet round here lately because I've been busy working in my two jobs. In addition I started my Marketing internship today and thus will be working in three jobs for the next two months.
Despite the lack of free time I like working over the weekends. I have been shifted from the café to the frozen yoghurt shop permanently now and I really enjoy meeting so many different interesting people there. A big part of our regular customers is Japanese, which is nice because I get to learn some Japanese vocabulary. The other day they started teaching me all the different flavours. I already know strawberry - ichigo!
Also one of my lovely regulars brought me Matcha Kitkat from her trip to Tokyo, so nice!
Another favourite customer of mine is an old Japanese lady. She is a philosophy professor and the sweetest granny ever. Every Sunday she goes to church and afterwards drops in for cake and coffee with her African friend and church buddy. She is always dressed nicely in matching colours from head to toe and always wears a hat while he is often dressed in traditional African batik suits hand-dyed by his aunt.
They are such a lovely unlike couple.

In the pics (which are from last week) you can see me proudly presenting you my new favourite tote bag: the Zelda bag! With the Triforce! Gold on black! Can it get any better?
The Wind Waker is one of my favourite games ever (but no. 1 is Ocarina of Time of course!) and so I thought it would be nice to pair the bag with my sailboat dress (because in case you don't know: The Wind Waker is all about Link sailing around on a cute little boat).

Ho have you guys been? I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Love your posts, can't believe you juggle 3 jobs! Good luck with the Marketing internship :)


    Fashion Nerdette | Fashion Blog

  2. I was wondering where you were but I totally understand. I am glad to read that it seems like you are liking your jobs and learning new things. That's awesome! Rachelxo

  3. I would so stuff myself if I worked at a frozen yoghurt place, it is one of my many weaknesses. I'm super jealous of your Zelda themed bag, I love the games, I had them all for my DS.

    Gems x

  4. Gosh your hair is so gorgeous - really love your style. Very indie and cute. Loving the dress! You look amazing in blue xxx


  5. Your red hair contrasts nicely with your blue outfit and pretty blue. I like your Pimkie sailboat print dress, Zelda bag and cheery expression!


  6. HYRULE! Love the bag. :)

  7. This is another favourite! The print is beautiful, I adore it so much. I have a boat printed dress too, this post reminds me that I should wear it again soon.

  8. That tote is awesome and I love the print of your dress!

  9. Very cute and preppy outfit you got there! Love the denim+navy+red combo! :-)

    btw thanks for visiting my blog Ina :-)


  10. Love this dress - I think you should send it to me hahaha :)

    Are you going to keep blogging form Perth - I really hope so!!!


  11. So so cute! I absolutely love your little sailboat print dress. The denim top looks great layered over it too!
    That couple that comes into the shop sounds adorable too! Good luck with your busy next couple of months!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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