Thursday, 28 August 2014

don't put down your guns yet


People, work is taking its toll. After almost five weeks I can feel that working so much is driving me crazy. The last couple of days were full of stress and emotional ups and downs and eventually yesterday it happened: my keys were gone.
I came home from work, stood in front of the house door and my keys were gone. Nowhere to be found. I was close to tears because it had been a really crappy day already - but the missing keys were the icing on top!
I rang my neighbour's doorbells and someone let me in so I was at least able to enter the staircase. Lo and behold! My next door neighbour had left a note for me on the notice board: I had left my keys on my apartment door in the morning!
I'm such an idiot! Luckily she kept the keys until I came home. You can't imagine what horror scenarios of an empty apartment and all my money and stuff gone went through my head! I actually keep my money in the bank and not at home but I was panicking so whatever.

Now I've decided to go to bed earlier, get more rest and pay more attention to my physical and mental state of health until this stressful time is over. Over the last couple of weeks I've simply tried to get too much stuff done all at once. To avoid key incidents or similar catastrophes I'll write to-do lists and categorize them into different levels of importance.

Speaking of work: my internship has been awesome so far! I've optimized our company's event pages on XING (German version of LinkedIn), created posts for different event blogs, learned a lot about SEO (search engine optimization) and - drumroll - I got my own intern blog, so cool! The website will be launched next week and I'll blog about my experiences as an Online Marketing intern. Doing blogger stuff as a real job and getting paid for it is pretty much everything I was wishing for. Now I definitely know what kind of job I want for the future.

So as you can see my life has been full of positive and negative things (in turns) lately but in general I'm still doing okay enough to push on through and make the best of it until the end of September.
Nevertheless I really can't wait for October because I'll have so much more time again. I'll only work 2-3 days a week and use my spare time to spend it with family and friends to have some farewell celebrations before I hop into the plane at the end of October and leave Europe behind.

By the way the outfit is autumnal just like the weather here. I broke my shopping ban to buy this beautiful floral dress last week... I'm speechless in my own defence here, just couldn't resist the lovely print.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
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  1. Wie immer ganz wunderschön!


  2. Love to know more about you and your moments

    Ciao bella

  3. I know how you feel. I've had a real up and down time lately. Work has not been easy, but luckily things outside of work have been good. It's definitely all about looking after yourself though :) Glad the internship is going well x

  4. Oh very cute dress!

  5. what an AMAZING neighbor- thank god for her! i once did that too (though admittedly I was drunk after a night of dancing, haha). There are some good people out there :) And I'm sorry work is being so stressful, that's just the worst. But on a happier note, your outfit is layered fabulously!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  6. Wenn dann kommt halt aber auch echt immer alles auf einmal! Echt ne scheiss Story mit glücklichem Ende! Kann man dann doch oftmals froh sein, dass es aufmerksame Nachbarn gibt! Aber schön wenns dann ab Oktober wieder besser wird. Bei mir ists auch grad echt hart. 5 Tage Sommerurlaub von denen 3 mit Festival verplant waren. Das ist nicht grad erholsam. Leider wirds vor Weihnachten auch nicht mehr besser werden. Weiß echt nicht wie ich das packen soll. Toller Look mit so schönen Farben :-)

  7. pretty dress & lovely autumnal outfit! the colours on those floral prints are perfect! i'm glad your neighbour saw your key hanging on your door and kept it for you till you return from work. i'm a bit OCD, i check my door & key a few times before i would take the lift to leave my apartment :X


  8. You definitely want to really listen to your body with what it is telling you to do! Feel better! And you look fabulous!
    xo TJ

  9. Glad to hear the internship is working out! You look super cute by the way!!

  10. I know that awful feeling when you lose your keys. I've done it too many times. Now I carry two sets of keys just in case I lock myself out of some-place. Sleep deprivation is another terrible thing I'm familiar with. It's so easy to make a mistake and hurt yourself or have an accident when you don't get enough sleep. To-do lists are good even if you're rested, but it's still very important to get enough sleep. Your pretty floral print c + a dress looks beautiful on you. Kudos on all your studying and hard work. I hope you have a very successful September, enjoyable October and remarkable Australian adventure after that.

  11. Lovely outfit, your feather bracelet is particularly cute!

    I am sorry life has been up and down recently. I am sure things will even out soon!

    Emma x

  12. Argh, you must be super tired! I'm glad the keys were easily found though and you have nice neighbours! Not too much longer and it'll all be worth it :)

    It's a cute dress, I think you deserve a cute dress after all the ups and downs!

  13. I love your dress, such an adorable pattern. I hope you have a less stressful time soon. You can do it. I always try to go to bed earlier but it never happens! Take care of yourself.

  14. It definitely sounds like you need to spend more time relaxing and thinking of yourself, instead of getting all overwhelmed.
    Such a gorgeous dress, you look so good!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  15. Great post! I love your dress! You look adorable!


  16. Wow ,was für ein Schock ,gott sei dank hast du deine Schlüssel wieder!

    Die Outfits sind wunderhübsch <3 ,das Armband auf dem letzten Foto gefällt mir besonders gut :)


  17. glad to hear your intership is working out well
    you look fantastic

  18. As always, you're perfect :)

    Bisous !

  19. great layered ensemble for the cooler season!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  20. I'm sorry you've been having a stressful time lately, but you look great! Your dress is so pretty and I really love your necklace :) xx

  21. Glad the things turned out ok eventually and your internship is going so well! :)I can understand why you broke that shopping ban, the dress is lovely!
    Great look for fall!

  22. That's so great to hear about the blogging job. Congrats!

    Keep focusing on all the good things going for you right now. Then, Australia :)

    xo Carbar


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