Friday, 15 August 2014

rollin' and tumblin'

Hello people!

I've gotten back into the groove of taking outfit pics regularly - more or less at least.
In the last two weeks I found it really hard to sit down and be productive after I came how from work. The desk still is my favourite place but I rather sat down to watch documentaries or listen to the new The Gaslight Anthem album. Is anyone else out there a big fan?
I fell in love with their music back when The 59 Sound dropped. Man did I play this record on repeat! Of course the first thing that catches your ear is a good melody but I'm also a lyrics person. No matter how awesome a song is, stupid lyrics ruin it! That's why I can't stand most Top 100 songs.
The Gaslight Anthem however always really hit my weak spot with their beautiful choice of words. Then they add the right sound, melody and lots and lots of melancholy to their music and I'm over the moon.
I even wanted a tattoo with a line from one of their songs once but ended up not getting it done because I couldn't find a nice typography. It was "What you don't have you don't need it anymore." from the song "Stay lucky" which was very fitting after a breakup.
Beautiful. This simple sentence has given me so much ever since.

Let's keep the rest of this post short and sweet: I will quickly tell you something about the outfit because it's already past 8 and I still have to do the washing.
So the plaid shirt is a favourite of mine because of the lovely colour combo. My boyfriend called me bogan when I wore it but what does he know anyway?! Bogan at heart forever! The t-shirt is Carhartt (second hand via Ebay for about 5 bucks), the H&M jeans are the best because they fit before and after the 15 kilo weight loss and the shoes are Minnetonka (also a second hand buy, about 30 bucks via Kleiderkreisel).

Have a nice day loves!

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  1. It's true that a lot of songs in the top 100 have unremarkable and sometimes nonsensical lyrics. It's nice when music has a pleasant melody and meaningful lyrics.
    I love the wild graphic design on your Carhartt t-shirt and the colours of your New Yorker plaid flannel shirt. the browns and tans of your shirt coordinate nicely with your H+M jeans.

  2. I've been so slack with outfit posts too - glad to see you're getting back into the groove. I really should too :)

    Love this outfit, loving the checkered shirt! So cute. Bogan! Haha :)

  3. I have never heard of the Gaslight Anthem, I need to look then up. As far as break up am I missing something? How are you and lover boy? Cute casual tee. I love a good tee and need more. Rachel xo

  4. Looking cute, as usual! I haven't heard their new album yet but I really want to. They're playing a concert near me in a couple months and I'm hoping to go!

    Jamie |

  5. Didn't know about them in Italy...but I will inform me more ...
    The look is perfect and love the shoes

    Ciao from Italy

  6. I think I've heard a little music by them, but I haven't specifically listened to them. I might though, I am always on the look out for some new music. Love this outfit! Looks super comfy.

  7. Very well put together look. Love the shoes!

  8. Haha, I have the same sentiment about music. If I have to hear another song about getting drunk in a club I might scream. Or cry.

    And yay for your plaid and mocs - a fave combination of mine! I like the colours too of the plaid, very different, but warm.

    Glad to see you back, dear :)

  9. super cute shoes u've got there!!! a cute outfit to boot too! <3


  10. I'm loving those shoes!! (By the way, the text verification to prove I'm not a robot wasn't even text. It was a photo of some trash! HA!! That's a first for me!)

  11. I love this cute! I added you to FGC :) hope you have a look at my blog and add me too if u like it:)


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