Tuesday, 28 May 2013

do or die

Elloo people!

I have overcome my little birthday blues and apart from what I uttered in my last post actually everything has been alright in the last couple of weeks. At the moment I'm doing pretty good at being alone - let's hope it will stay like this, I'm really not in the mood for another ditch to fall into.
I've tried to stay occupied, especially at the weekends so my days/nights were full of Hart of Dixie (corny but my new addiction), concerts, good food and so on.
Furthermore I have found new strength and motovation to do something against my sleeping problems and my general laziness concerning anything that has to do with preparing my bachelor thesis. No more procrastination now! I can't afford it and I'm sick of being a lazy bum. Hope this motivation will last a while, we'll see...

Remember this skirt that did not for the life of me want to stay in its shape when I wore it for the first time? Well I figured out that I have to wear it even more high-waisted to make it stop misbehaving. It still kept crawling up my thighs while walking but it wasn't as bad as the first time, thank God! I was afraid I'd have to get rid of it but now I don't have to - it would have been such a pity because I love the colour so much!

By the way I wore this last Sunday when it was lovely weather - then I stayed over night at my mum's place and the day after I wore this outfit again but it was 8 degrees colder and rained and I froze my butt off on my way back home. Seriously, can the weather stop fooling around and pick either warm or cold and get a little more steady? Either I'm freezing because it's warmer than expected or I'm sweating because it's the other way round - both sucks.

Happy Monday!

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  1. deine kette ist soo süüüß!!
    und das outfit fänd ich noch schöner ohne strumpfhose und ohne mütze. aber das ist keine kritik an dir, sondern am verdammten WETTER ...!!!

  2. Such a stunner, you are! These colors look absolutely lovely on you. I'm also a tad jealous that it's cold there because it's so unbearably hot right now in India.

  3. Stay positive, hun!
    You look darling!

    xo Jennifer


  4. I love this!!! I have such a weak spot for plaid, this button up is fantastic and perfect with that skirt. Such a great colour

  5. Hi Carina! Lovin' the plum and plaid combo. Hope you're having a great day! Swing by my blog for an awesome giveaway!

    xx Love & Aloha

  6. I love your outfit so much:) Your skirt is just awesome!

  7. love your outfit..your eyes look so cool..hope all your moody blues leave you soon :)

  8. Hallo :) danke dir!
    Das ist echt schade, dass du die Ausstellung verpasst hast!! Die echt klasse :) viele coole Leute waren unterwegs und der Künstler selber war sooooo lieb und nett und hat mit allen gequatscht ;) war toll....
    lg aus München

  9. I love the outfit on you!

    Ahhh, I am glad you have overcome the birthday blues, looks like you are doing a lot of good things to make yourself feel better.

    I turn 27 in a month, how terrifying is this? I'm tiptoeing into the 'late 20's' stage and I am no where close to where I wanted to be in life at this age. I just want to close my eyes and shout 'NO', then fold my arms and sit on the floor like a 2 year old, refusing to move forward.

    Corinne x

  10. Ein total schönes Outfit, würde ich genauso anziehen. Das Shirt ist super, und der Rock so wunderbar wandelbar!
    Ich wünsch dir ganz viel Motivation für die BA-Arbeit!

    Liebe Grüße,

  11. I like that outfit and skirt. Have a great day.


  12. Oh babe, try and stay positive sweetie. At times I feel like utter crap when I think about me now being in my late twenties. Le sigh.

    You look lovely by the way. The colour suits you well. :)



  13. awesome look! love your shirt and oh! i already follow u back on GFC, name pramudita puspita

  14. You look so good in purple!! You should wear this colour extra often! Happy Belated Birthday!! I hope you got to eat delicious cakes.

  15. very nice outfit i like it ;)

    would you like to follow each other ? :)

  16. Looking great, dear!

    Love that skirt <333



  17. love this color combo! I can't believe you are still wearing tights! It's getting so hot here :)

    Lady à la Mode

  18. Süßes Outfit, der Rock steht dir richtig gut :)

  19. wow you look amazing! i love your skirt and everything!

  20. der rock ist richtig süß <3

    Vielleicht hast du ja Lust an meinem Geburtstags-Gewinnspiel teilzunehmen.

  21. Uiuiui, find ich total schön die Kombi, aber erinnert so an den Herbst :( :D Ertappe mich aber gerade auch dabei mir z.B. wieder nen Wollpulli anzuziehen...

  22. pretty youu! I like your girlie outfit

  23. I think this skirt looks great on you! The color is perfect paired with that plaid shirt.

  24. You look great ! :)


  25. what a cute outfit, love love love it! <3



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