Friday 22 March 2013

11 things about me + life lately in pics

Hello lovelies!

The other day I lost my mobile phone - but I was so lucky to get it back from the finder, so I was able to restore all the photos I had collected on it and saw that it's time for another "life lately" post in pictures.

Furthermore my fellow Düsseldorfian and blogging buddy Nastja of My Eye has tagged me for a fun "11 things about me" questionnaire, so I thought I could put both things together so create a mess of questions, answers and photos. Cool, isn't it?! ;)
Here we go.

Something I wore to work two weeks ago. 

1. What is song no. 11 on your playlist (when choosing "play all tracks")?

2. What cartoon character would you want to be?
- Phew good one... hm I think I'd love to be Son Goku from Dragonball, so I could do all the cool martial arts tricks! I could also eat what I want without gaining weight because I would be the sportiest person on earth. He's funny and honest and gawky, he's amazing, one of my favourite cartoon characters ever!!

3. What do you think of as the most awful outfit you ever posted?
- Hahaha oh my God, definitely THIS ONE!!! :D

4. And which one was the prettiest outfit you ever posted?
- One of my very favourites definitely was THIS ONE because I wore it on one of the best days of my life.

quick recipe for pizza ciabatta snack

5. Which salad dressing do you like best?
- Honey mustard!! Yum!

6. Do you know a girl named Lena? Describe her in one sentence.
- I have a co-worker named Lena, she is cool, I like her.

7. What invention could mankind live without?
- Politics!

8. What will always be in fashion?
- Leather jackets!!

new buys: Sherlock book and Architects band shirt

9. What was the worst trend you ever followed?
- Buffalos and tattoo chokers when I was 12! Hahaha so 90s! :D

10. Show the 11th photo in your phone's gallery.
- Sorry, there are none at the moment because I downloaded them all to my computer for this post!

11. What is your favourite recipe?
- I LOVE these coconut comfit cupcakes! Best cupcakes ever!

impressions of my St. Patrick's Day

To continue this 11 questions feature I have to think of 11 new questions and tag some bloggers to answer them, woohoo!


1. What is the most beautiful place on earth for you?
2. What is the last thing you bought?
3. What's in your jacket's pockets right now?
4. What book do you read at the moment?
5. What is your favourite pair of shoes? (photo or link to an outfit post with it please!)
6. Where did you go on summer holiday in 2009?
7. What's your favourite drink?
8. Jewelry: silver or gold?
9. What song should be played on your funeral?
10. Three (fictional or real) persons you would go bungee jumping with.
11. What is your favourite cake? (with photo or link to recipe please, I need inspiration!)

I tag:

Have a lovely day guys!!

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  1. Thank you for tagging me!! And it's always awesome to see a bit more/read more about fellow bloggers. I love it :D

  2. Solche Aktionen finden ich immer ganz interessa. So erfährt man mehr von der Person hinter einem Blog.

    Mit deinem Handy hattest du aber Glück!!
    Lieben Gruss, Cls

  3. oh my gosh! Tattoo chokers! I know a woman who still wears them! They still sell them in a wholesale catalog I used to order from. Yuck!

  4. Ich liiiebe deinen Cardi <3 Bordeaux ist für mich im Moment die schönste Farbe überhaupt ;9

  5. Toller Post!
    Ich mag' sowas :)


  6. So cool!

    new post is up!

  7. I agree, politics isn't all that necessary.:) And you've been to Ireland - so jealous!!
    Thanks for the tag, babe, I'll definitely do it.;)

  8. love your pizza, and nice to read about you :D

  9. Aaaiii coole, dass du mitgemacht hast :) Und gute Idee das ganze mit Handybildern zu schmücken! Ist klar, dass dann die Handybild-Frage entfällt ^^

    Aber Son Goku hätte ich ja echt nicht gedacht. So eine warst du also! :-P

    Und dein worst Outfit finde ich ja irgendwie cool! Vor allem ohne den langen Cardi. Ich steh auf den Rock! Erinnert mich irgendwie an Russland ^^

    Ich finds toll dass du dein best Outfit mit deinem besten Tag verbindest :) Da soll mal einer sagen Blogger sind oberflächlig.

    Ach und: OMG die Tatoo-Halsketten waren ja wohl mal mega geil! :D

  10. yay thank u!! will do it asap and let u know! x

  11. cool post! that pizza snack looks amazing...


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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