Saturday 30 March 2013

pasta casserole recipe

Hello guys!

Today I have something hearty for you.
I have tried out some new recipes in the last weeks to stay occupied when I got nothing to do in the evening at home and here is an easy and tasty dish from one of these evenings.
I'm a sucker for anything that includes noodles and mushrooms, so it's a perfect recipe for me - and it's also perfect for my veggie readers.

Ingredients for 2-3 portions:

- 200-300 g noodles
- 1 glass of pasta sauce (or you can make it yourself with this recipe here)
- 1 packet fresh mushrooms
- 2 fresh red peppers
- grated cheese to scallop
(- some salami or minced meat if you want the non-veggie version)

Cook the noodles, slice the mushrooms, dice the peppers and put everything into a casserole dish. Add the salami or minced meat for the non-veggie version. Spread the pasta sauce in the dish and put the grated cheese on top (I forgot that in the photo, sorry).

Now bake it in the preheated oven at 200°C (upper and lower heat) for about 15-20 minutes until the cheese is golden brown.

Et voilà - enjoy your meal!
I especially love how the taste of the fresh peppers and mushrooms comes through if you use good ones.

Have a lovely day!

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  1. yummeh wanna come to ur house for din dins

    xx Domenic

  2. NOMNOM *__*

    Allerliebste Grüße,

  3. mmm looks good! thanks for sharing :)

  4. and now I am really hungry ♥

  5. auflauf ist doch einfach was tolles :D

    wünsch dir auch tolle ostern :D

  6. Omg this looks sooooo yummy!! Totally making it


  7. looking so nyummyyy !! thanks for sharing

  8. mmmm it looks so delicious!! <3
    i bet you are great cooker <3

  9. Great Idea ,looks delicious :)


  10. OMG!! That looks so delish!! Thankx for sharing

  11. Omg, I'm making that tomorrow!!:D I'm a pasta addict, I could eat pasta all day every day! I could live in pasta. I could probably BE pasta!:D And mushrooms, who doesn't like mushrooms?!

  12. I too love fresh ingredients. I cud have the whole thing to myself when i see this on my plate :)

  13. looks delicious! makes hungry now girl! xoxo

  14. Das sieht extrem lecker aus! :)


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