Thursday 3 January 2013

happy 2013!

Hi guys!

Happy new year!
How was your New Year's Eve? I hope all of you had fun waving goodbye to last year?
I'm really glad it is over now. Welcome 2013, bring it on!

Can't wait to see what lies ahead of me now. My bachelor thesis, end of student life, beginning of the "real job" life, I'm excited!

These photos here are a tiny recap of my NYE. Actually I have many more photos but mostly of people I don't even know - and it would be strange and probably even illegal (?!) to upload them without permission. Friends of mine took me with them, we went to a private party - hence all the foreign people in the photos.
Nevertheless it was a fun night and I'm so glad I didn't sit around at home all alone.

Where did you celebrate NYE? And how?
Do you have resolutions?

My only resolution is to get rid of the "holiday pounds" (thank you Christmas...), well okay and to make 2013 an awesome year of course!


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  1. Happy New Year!!! That dress looks so lovely on you, and that sounds like a fun party. I just went to the local pub with some of my girl friends :)

  2. happy new year, carina!! xoxo

  3. Happy new year to you too! Sounds like you had a nice New Year's Eve! I just went to a bar and watched some fireworks. Nothing too fancy!

  4. happy new year to you :) what a cool dress to wear! x

  5. Happy New Year, Carina!

    I love your look! :)


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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