Thursday, 10 January 2013

maybe we don't ever come down


Here is another winter outfit post and here is another bunch of slightly blurred photos.
Damn, I really need a tripod and/or remote control soon - it's so hard to find the right focus when you can't be in front of and behind the camera at the same time.
I always tried to adjust the focus with the tree I was standing next to, but somehow it just didn't want to work. Any advice from the more experienced photographers out there?

As you can see I found a very nice spot to take outfit photos. I think the cobble stone pavement and the old building in the background make a cool location for casual comfy winter looks like this one. You can't tell it from the photos, but it is an out-house of a church - on a graveyard. Yes that's right, I went to the graveyard to take photos. Morbid freak I am, I know...
But I really needed to take a walk, get some fresh air and combined this need with the search for a quiet uncrowded photo place. What is more uncrowded than a graveyard? So it was only logical heading there.

Oh and something about the outfit: this blanket-like cardigan is from the C&A plus size department, lo and behold! It's like wearing a snuggie out haha - only that it looks better than a snuggie. I really like the asymmetrical cut and the kind of Norwegian pattern. And the colour of course! Deep red, ah gorgeous!

Furthermore with this post I managed to you show you my winter jacket before winter is over, yaayy, did it!
Back in October I was looking for the perfect winter parka: khaki colour, fake fur hood, drawstring waist. As soon as I entered the Only store I was in love with the one above and have been living in this jacket all winter long. I only wore the brown Vila parka in the last post because the khaki one was at the laundry service. Just so you know... ;)

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Der Cardigan ist super! Und die Kette mag ich auch ;)

  2. This sweater looks sooooo cozy, i love the colour and pattern on it. Perfect with your khaki parka and lovely knit scarf

  3. der cardigan ist echt klasse und steht dir super!
    hast du eigentlich irgendwas mit deinen haaren gemacht? sehen richtig toll aus.

    wo ist denn diese tolle location?
    (und kommst du dir auch bisschen blöde vor alleine in nem park oder so zu stehen und bilder von dir zu machen? :D mir gehts meistens schon zu haus so...)

  4. love ur red cardigan!!! so gorgeous!

  5. I really love the colours combination :)

  6. You look great! The cardi is beautiful and I bet it keeps you warm! :)

  7. love the necklace

  8. oh you have SUCH a cute style, i love this cozy look. And i think your location is awesome to. just like you said, the cobble stone and the old building add some interest to the photos. that sweater is so great for chilly winter days- and i like the pattern too!

    and i would totally get a tripod- they're relatively cheap!

  9. C&A, really?!?! I always shop there, but I haven't seen your cardigan... Or else it would be my cardigan too.:)

  10. The tote bag and the sweater are my fave!!

  11. Thanks for your lovely comment, the necklace is soooooo great !

    See U !

  12. You look amazing, love the cardigan its so beautiful!


  13. that combi is so cool that's why I like your blog you know how to mix and match colours you look gorgeous

  14. Hi Carina!

    It has been too long!! Your blog is getting more beautiful!! And too you are looking great and pretty!
    Greeting sincerely..
    Hope things are well with you!! I missed those day while we started blogging, you have been growing so much :)
    With loves Xx


  15. love the cardigan.. rather than a tripod I think you need a remote control.. (if not both) you'll love it.

  16. Der einzige Tipp ist wohl ein Fernauslöser ^^ Anders kriegt man's wohl nur mit Glück hin. Die Dinger sind auch gar nicht teuer! Und so n tripod gibts ja auch schon für 10€.

    Ich find den Cardigan ja mal Klasse! Sieht so kuschelig aus! Und obwohl ich rot und schwarz eigentlich nicht mag, sieht es in diesem Fall sogar sehr gut aus!

  17. Versuch doch mal, eine Tasche dahin zu stellen, wo du dann auch später stehst, und den Fokus der Kamera darauf zu stellen. Vielleicht klappt das ja!

  18. I really like your stole (scarf) of whatever they're called now. It looks super cosy!

    Rebecca @

  19. Loving this layered outfit. You are adorable, girl!
    xo TJ

  20. What a cool sweater !

  21. Dieser Cardigan ist ein Traum!

  22. Beautiful comfy look! You sweater is amazing, I love the colour!

  23. I LOVE that maroon cardigan - it's oversized, has a great print and can be styled in many different ways. such a great piece!

    Lady à la Mode

  24. That red jacket is so cute, I really love it :)))

  25. I love your cardigan so much!!!

  26. I want this cardigan! Did you get it recently? :)

    Great background, I don't think it's creepy at all! :) I see nobody offered any advice yet... My camera is way too simple to offer any guidance in this instance, but I do have a tripod, it makes life easier. :)

  27. Der Cardigan ist wunderschön.

  28. Goodness, that cardigan! It's PERFECT! what a beautiful color, I wouldn't stop wearing it in these wintery days. It looks amazing on uou.

  29. wooow! amazing i really love it!!
    follow each other???!


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