Sunday 13 January 2013

styling tricks for a summer dress in winter

Hi lovelies!

Aah another Sunday goes by. After running around in the icy cold wind I have cuddled up in a blanket in front of the laptop with a hot coffee to warm me up.
I talked to a friend on the phone today and she told me that she's rather been choosing functional clothing for the recent weather here in our area. I however love to style my summer dresses wintery from time to time, so I thought today I could share my basic rules for staying warm when wearing dresses in winter. Here we go.
Probably nothing new to most of you, but still I think it's nice to make a list so I have them all together in one post.

- rule 1: layer tights -
Okay this is the simplest rule of all. A collection of good opaque tights is the essential for wearing dresses or skirts in winter. I normally layer two or three pairs depending on the temperatures outside. For those who are extremely sensitive to cold I recommend layering these cozy thermal tights with the fleece lining.

- rule 2: add chunky knit -
Another important key word is chunky knit. My advice would be to add chunky knit pieces everywhere in the look! In the outfit above I wear a warm cardigan, a knit hat and a really warm wool scarf. I experienced that it's worth investing in some high quality wool accessories like a really good pure new wool scarf - believe me it will keep you warm so much better than the cheap acrylic knit stuff!

- rule 3: be an onion underneith -
What I mean by this is that if the dress itself is not warm at all you have to stay warm by putting on some more pieces underneith. My repertoire of tricks is the following: I always always always wear a tank top, sometimes even a longsleeve underneith. Furthermore to keep the lower body parts (especially the kidneys!) warm I put on a pair of hot pants AND one of these simple stretchy tube skirts over the tights. Like this it's even warmer than wearing jeans. Or if you don't have such a skirt, a tight stretchy tube top worn as a skirt will do the trick as well.

- rule 4: keep it down -
When it's very windy like it was here today as you can see in the photos, wearing a breezy summer dress can be hard because the wind keeps blowing it up Marilyn Monroe style. To avoid these situations it's advisable to neglect light and breezy fabrics and go for the heavier ones. However if you still want to wear a light fabric again I can highly recommend these basic stretchy tube skirts - not only do they keep you warm, they also prevent unwanted insights on your underwear.

Following the above rules has brought me through many winters and that's how I manage to wear almost every piece in my closet all year long. It's actually nice because I never have to change the content of my closet from summer to winter wear or the other way round.

So I hope this helped some of you or at least confirmed the ways of the ones who already knew the tricks.
Do wear summery pieces in winter as well? Do you have some more clever tricks for me? I'm always open to new advice! :)

Happy Sunday,

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  1. Ein harmonisches Outfit trägste da ;)
    Danke, sooo viel hat sich ja im Gegensatz zu vorher nicht geäbdert. Hab nur ein bisschen weniger Klimbim dran B)

  2. So many good tips and tricks! I never thought to wear a tube skirt underneath my dress, that's interesting! I shall have to try it out.
    I love wearing summer dresses yearlong too, so this is awesome. I love this plaid one you're wearing with the knit sweater and your parka!

  3. super tips! so mach ichs auch!
    das kleid is super schön

  4. Vielen Dank für dein Kommentar. Irgendwie irritiert mich das. Also an meinem Laptop ist an meinem Header nichts abgeschnitten aber wenn ich meinen Blog am IPad anschaue fehlt wie bei dir ein Stück..das muss ich wohl nochmal überarbeiten :)
    Dein Outfit wie immer toll
    Liebste Grüße ♥

  5. I love your hair colour, it is lovely!! I love my fleece lined tights that I bought, honestly the best purchased ever!

    Emma x

  6. you look so sweet in love with those tights hun, the only summery thing I wear in winter is skirts with wool tights and a chunky sweater it always works kisses

  7. Great tips, you look gorgeous! Love the tights, amazing


  8. This reminds me how much I miss all my colourful tights. :) Next year!

    The tube skirt idea is great, and actually I do the same! Especially now, when there is another person I should cover with some layers, not just me. :)

    I really like the chunky knits idea though - I find it difficult to wear bulky items, even in the winter. :) Should try more! :)

  9. Ich zieh auch immer meine Sommerkleider an im Winter - ich besitz gar nix anderes! :)

  10. Looking great, dear!
    Love your parka <3

  11. um, that is so cute! happy new year to you!

  12. wow dear,you look great!Perfect for a cold winter look <3 love your dress-amazing!Love your blog also,so Im following you now honey<3 hope you can follow me back!Kisses

  13. Great pics& outfit! I like your blog! Would you like to follow each other?

  14. Sehr süßes outfit, besonders die kette ist total toll!! :))
    ist das rot deine naturhaarfarbe?
    ganz liebe grüße, noelle

  15. the tights and dress go so well together!

    Lady à la Mode

  16. I had a Marilyn moment a few weeks ago in a light dress in winter, luckily I had very thick tights on underneath...phew!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  17. These are all really good tips! I have nothing but summer dresses in my wardrobe and never enough tights or even cardigans! When it finally gets a little cold in Australia I freak out because I'm so unprepared, I really need to invest in layers :D

  18. !!! I love your cute plaid dress!! Also, those are great tips. Those are essentially what I do in my day to day over here in frosty Canada. Big sweaters over alllll my dresses! And wool tights!

  19. die Farbe der Strumpfhose passt super zum Kleid :)

  20. love your dress with the colored tights! So cute!

  21. what a great dress!! love all the layers with it! xx


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