Saturday 11 August 2012

whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there

Hi guys!

It's Saturday again, dang how time flies!
And here I am again, finally back with a new post. The still unsettled German weather is the reason for the constant change between outfits with summer dresses and with jeans and lace-up shoes - every morning is a Russian roulette. You cannot trust the weather forecast and you never know what you're gonna get (it's like with the box of chocolate, you know).

Anyway, this is what I wore to work on Thursday. I wasn't feeling good that day, so I needed something comfortable for the two office jobs - enter: my new jeans!
The other day I went sale-shopping with Mum to find her a new coat, so we roamed Kaufhof, a big department store. We were browsing the Esprit department and I remembered my trusty favourite jeans being Esprit ones, so I took a look at the sale racks. Score! I found these denim chinos, they were marked down from somewhere around 60 or 70 to 34,90 €.
And they are SO comfortable to wear!

Apart from the denim chinos I didn't buy anything because I'm already pretty broke for this month after the extensive Essen shopping spree two weekends ago. But we were able to find my mum a beautiful light khaki Esprit trenchcoat, so both of us were happy in the end.
Today I'm looking forward to a barbecue party with all our neighbours in the backyard later on! I need to bake something for dessert, so I'm off to the supermarket now.

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. Great pics!!!!! Amazing outfit!!!!!!!!


  2. i just love this. the awkward length of the pants is key to the whole adorable look. of course, also credits to that comfy looking cardiagn!


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  3. BBQ! I love bbq foods! You look comfy here, and i like the promod dress like a bit of ombre! x

  4. you look amazing,love your hair :D

  5. Ich <3 deine neuen Haare...ich überlege auch mir im Herbst wieder Pony schneiden zu lassen.

  6. heey great style, love your blog, would you like to follow each other? :)

    xx BBella

  7. Amazing blog, I really love it :)
    -follow each other ?

  8. mir gefallen die schuhe nicht soo gut dazu, aber der rest is echt super schön! :)

  9. Love your pull over! Perfect for unpredictable weather!

  10. love this whole outfit!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  11. So cute! I love your top and shoes!

  12. Such a cute outfit! Love your bag xx

  13. adorable outfit! you are def rockin the denim :) cute blog!

  14. It's winter in Australia and every day is a game of Russian roulette with the weather! The mornings start off really one must pile on the layers...only to be left in a puddle of sweat by midday, eew!

    Hope you have a nice weekend dear, I'm eager to find out what you will bake for dessert =P

  15. This floral blouse is so pretty! And that sweater is really awesome, I need a piece like that for sure. Unsettled weather is super frustrating to decide what to wear!!

  16. Love your jeans! there is nothing better than a good pair of jeans!

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