Tuesday, 7 August 2012

everybody climbs over when you put up your fence

Hi guys!

How are you today? 
I have been really busy studying for an oral exam for university which was planned to take place today - but it did not.
The funny thing is that when I arrived, the lecturer told me that according to my study course's examination regulations I wouldn't have to do this exam because I already passed all necessary exams  last semester.

Haha, I was so flabbergasted - I didn't know if I should be happy or not. Later on I decided to be happy about it - life's funny sometimes.

Okay, now let me introduce you to one of my new favourite dresses: this is my new Promod floral dress! I love the colours so much, I love how soft, light and breezy the cotton is! And I love the pink Peter Pan collar - unfortunately you can't see it in the photos because my hair always covers it. Bummer, it's such a pretty collar! I'll wear this a lot so I'll make sure to have the collar appear on the photos next time. ;)

Apart from the above everything is rather uneventful round here. I work a lot this semester break, but I also try to find some new hobbies to keep me challenged. I consider to do more crafty stuff in the future and I'm excited about how it will turn out.

Wish you all a lovely day my dears!

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  1. wunderwunderwunderschönes kleid !

  2. Mwoah ich war lang nimmer hier
    gut siehst du aus! (:
    die frisur steht dir super!

    bin auch bald in budapest <3 ich bingespannt :D


  3. This dress is SO amazing, I love the print and the colours in it. Such a unique piece and so awesome. I love it with the brown accessories, that bag is wicked

  4. schönes Outfit haste da an! Steht dir gut :)

    Und eine Reise an den Gardasee lohnt auf jeden Fall! ;)

  5. oh nee, jetzt hast du ganz umsonst gelernt! Trotzdem besser als die pruefung machen zu muessen!

    schoenes kleid und diene harrer sehen super aus!

  6. lovely outfit, i love your dress

    Adaora x

  7. nice look! And congratulations on your exam. At least you didn't have to worry about passing! =)


  8. i need that dress! i might have to go stalk promod!

  9. great post!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  10. thats great to hear about the exams! and i love your hiar have u recently changed it?

  11. Das Kleid ist toll, der Blumenprint. <3
    Und sehr sehr dufte siehste aus!

  12. I love that dress, is so colorful and love the gradient effect at the bottom <3 the cardigan is such a pretty shade, love mixing brown and black.

    Just found your blog, following <3
    Enter to win 20$ at Blaque Muse
    Sabrilett's Armoire

  13. Happy!? Ich wär stinksauer! Wofür denn das ganze Gelerne dann... manoman. Unsere Uni ist manchmal echt bekloppt!

    Anyway, du sieht richtig gut aus - strahlst förmlich! Das Kleid ist wirklich sehr schön.

  14. I'm loving that dress on you! it looks great!


  15. Nice blog babe.
    Check out this lovely giveaway on my blog!

  16. Flabbergasted! I haven't heard that in sooo long, haha! Gosh, can I just tell you how gorgeous you are?! That dress is so flattering and gorgeous on you. You are looking more beautiful than ever doll!


  17. I am so in love with your floral dress!

  18. oh my this dress is darling....I am off to do some back to school shopping today with my daughter. She would love this dress...plus I will pick up some goodies for me too...because as a teacher I go back to school too. xoxox Hugs.


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