Tuesday 21 August 2012

biscuit & plum

Hi guys!

How have you all been?
I've had a really good weekend and today was another day off, so I'm relaxed and ready for a short working week to start to tomorrow.
I thank you a lot for your supporting comments on my last post. Some regular readers may or may not have noticed that here and there I've thrown in some info about my private life being upside down since Patrick has returned from a very long business trip some weeks ago. However I would never name the details of my private issues on the internet, so I'll leave it at saying what I already said on Friday: we've been having some problems but it finally feels like we're on our way up again.
We've been together for almost ten years now and of course already had our ups and downs in the past. We always managed to make it through hard times and that's what we're doing again at the moment, we're making it through. This shall pass too and will be another thing we'll look back on as overcome in the future.

Now for something completely different: this is what I wore to work last Friday. It was hot and windy - the perfect opportunity to wear my new linen pants! I was actually already broke when I ordered a bunch of pants at Esprit Online, but everything was marked down 50%, so I couldn't resist.
Funnily enough, this pair of pants was the only one out of ten that fit me. I've lost 12 kilos since February and I'm still not used to ordering smaller sizes it seems.
Anyway, I'm glad these babies fit because I fell in love with the shape and colour at first sight! Breezy, not too baggy and in a lovely shade of light brown called "biscuit".
Mmhh, I guess I'd buy anything that's named after food haha! So the combo with my plum cardigan somehow suggested itself. Biscuits and plums, yum!

I think I will sort out and edit the photos of our weekend tonight. We spent Saturday and Sunday at the lake because it were the hottest days of the year so far. Saturday we went alone, Sunday it was double fun because Patrick's band was with us. So you can expect some lake photos in the course of the next days, woohoo!

Oh and also "Hi!" to the couple of new readers! I'm glad you're following along, thanks for that! :)

Have a nice day!

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  1. I love the way you look! The color combo is perfect, I love those pants!

  2. I hope you guys can work it out. 10 years is too much time to throw away ;) I love the cardigan!

  3. Das klingt doch alles gut :-)
    10 Jahre sind wirklich verdammt lange und das schweißt erst recht zusammen. Und ich finde das man dass auf den Fotos sieht das du abgenommen hast, vorallem bei dem heutigen Outfit. Die Hose gefällt mir wirklich.
    Liebste Grüße Jestil

  4. Great blog- I love all your colors and the bright photography! I'd love for you to check out my blog too and I'm more than happy to follow each other :)

  5. These pants suit you SO well!! I love them, they are sooo amazing! The colours work so well together too. You look really awesome, and congrats on your weight loss! That's so good

  6. klingt doch gut ! auch wenn uns das ja eigentlich nichts angeht - trotzdem alles gute :)

    dir steht das lila totaaal gut !!

  7. Love that cardigan and all those colours together xx

  8. schoen dass es euch besser geht! Das braun mit dem lila sieht schoen aus und deine haare sehen irgandwie anders aus?

  9. In love with this outfit! I am so in the mood for fall colors right now!


  10. Aw lovely outfit, dear, you have a great and very interesting sense of style! Your hair is amazing and your blog is so lovely! If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest outfit :)


  11. hey den outfit ist voll süß ich liebe die hose und das gestreifte t-shirt! totallllll lieb. Übrigens ich hab dir eine e-mail geschickt, wegen adresse und so :P weiss nicht ob du es bekommen hast, falls nicht schick mir einfach eine E-mail bei anita@thickthreads.net


  12. Just followed you.
    You look amazing here <3 I like very single detail :)

  13. Super Farmbkombi, ich find's großartig. :)

  14. Those trousers are so great! I love that color paired with your pretty purple cardigan. I have a pair of trousers in that color that I thrifted, but it's way to hot to wear them right now. I'll definitely have to pair mine with purple after seeing this post!

  15. I LOVE your pants! They look so comfy!


  16. wow I absolutely love this outfit!! seriously, I love everything from the stripes shirt to the pop of purple and brown, amazing!! :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  17. i love color of your cardigan! looks nice :)

    check me out on:

  18. You look really lovely - I love the color scheme SO much because it is definitely perfect for fall! I hope that things between you and Patrick get better. That's all you can do is work through it or wait it out. Best of love to you deary, xo.

  19. I like the colors you put together! and it looks like your hair is so vibrant in the photo! x

  20. Great outfit, love the stripes - very French! x


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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