Saturday, 17 April 2010

how to gift-wrap

Hi guys!

I told you that I there are two birthdays for us this weekend, remember? Well, I wrapped up the presents for my best friend today with the lovely wrapping paper I bought on my shopping spree yesterday.
I used to work at Accessorize and had to gift-wrap a lot of things, so I thought you could be interested in how I learned it there.

Here we go:

1. Put the thing you want to give away on a piece of wrapping paper with its front down.
Make sure the wrapping paper is big enough to overlap when folding it together on the back of the gift.

2. Take the two opposed longer sides of the wrapping paper and make them overlap in the middle of the back of your gift and fix it with tap (tip: I use the transparent matte one to make it almost invisible on the paper)

3. Take one of the open sides and fold its lower left corner up to the right edge to create a kind of triangle-shaped tag. Fix it with tape. (tip: the more firmly you fold, the more geometrical looks your result)

4. Turn this triangle-shaped tag towards the middle of your gift and fix it there with tape. Here again: the more firmly you fold the tag to the gift, the better will be the shape of the result.

5. Do exactly the same mirror-inverted with the other side of the wrapping paper and you will get two abutting tags on the back of your gift. If you worked precisely, they will probably even fit perfectly. Well, mine here are not perfect, but it looks somewhat symmetrical.

6.Then you can wrap around a ribbon and make a bow or whatever you like and/or put it into a nice little gift bag.

Well, that's how I learned it and it always works pretty well so far.
You can bring this to perfection by and by of course and I promise you this is a great technique when you're in a hurry.

I hope you like this :)

Have a nice weekend!
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  1. I will have to try that technique later on tofay when I pack a present for my good friend. It seems it's the weekend of birthdays :)

  2. i reeeeally love your blog! its so cute and this post is perfect for me...i am completely rubbish at wrapping presents always look like a 5 year old has wrapped them haha. i will be following :)

  3. Haha. I love this. It seems so elementary, but it really is instructional. All of my presents look like they were thrown in the dryer after wrapping.

  4. so pretty..I'm the worst with wrapping so I usually just throw it in a bag.

  5. Clever idea! I plan to try it out some time!


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