Saturday, 17 April 2010

what makes life wonderful...

... are - amongst others - all the pretty little things I procured today.
Hi guys! :)

I went to the doctor's today and he's in the city, so I used the time afterwards to roam the shops a little. I needed some things to pack the presents for my best friend and a giftcard for the birthday of my father's girlfriend. Furthermore I had to renew my mobile phone contract,
well, and everything else was bought spontaneously:

the overview

fresh tulips for the kitchen table
("Cut the stems, refresh the water everyday and put them in a cool place
over night, then they'll live twice as long", florist's advice)

MAC Liberty of London nail polish "Blue India" (the last one they had in stock, yesss!)
and my new Nokia 5530 Xpress Music (haven't tried it yet, but I'm really
excited about it, it looks so chic!)

two birthday cards (two birthdays on one day this weekend) and two
funny postcards for our postcards wall plus a Douglas gift card, a dotty
gift bag and lovely wrapping paper

got my elk belt in the mail today and bought a cute bast butterfly
for the living room window

Look, isn't this totally adorable?! Got this terrific summer hat for only 4 Euro
(approx. 3 $) and the belt for 2 Euro. And do you remember The Moomins?
I thought I could use this little tote bag to stash a book when I'm out
and about. It's so gorgeous, had to have it!

I really can't wait to wear this on a sunny day! :)

To top my day off I indulged myself a pastry.
God, there's no proper word for the thing above in English, is there?
Literally translated from German, it would be a "pudding pretzel" haha)

You see, my day was great!

How was your day guys? :)

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  1. My day wasn't as eventful and rewarding as yours, but still pretty good. But I have a birthday tomorrow and only a short shift at work so yay!

  2. Hi, you have a really cute blog! I'm glad I found it :) I really like your style and I might just have to borrow some ideas from you!

    Check out my blog if you like~

  3. great buy!


  4. lovvvvvvvve everything!!!!! i wish i could buy stuff like crazy like that. :))

    you look fabulous as well!!


  5. i love days where I go out randomly and come home with all sorts of trinkets! Tomorrow might be my day, I'm heading to a small market near here, hoping to remember my camera!
    I think in Canada we would call your pastry a "Danish." I'm 99% sure anyways!
    I love love that you bought a book bag! So something I would do...
    Hope you have a great weekend :)

  6. Awesome hat!

    Just came across your blog! It is lovely!

  7. I also have Mac nail polish# Blue india, it's great!


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