Wednesday, 11 February 2015

funny bits from applications - on working in the recruiting business

Hello hello!

So I've been in my new job for over a month now and would like to tell you a bit about it because it has an utterly funny side to it.
Let me keep it short and sweet: I'm a receptionist and office administrator  for a labour hire / recruitment agency here in Perth. I work with a nice young team in a chic and trendy suburb and I'm allowed to wear (very) business casual clothes.
It's basically perfect and I love it.
Bonus: I learn a lot about Human Resources and recruitment.
My main task every day is to go through all sorts of applications and presort them for the recruiters. We mostly receive emails from backpackers and people from abroad so their English is often a bit...broken. Then again even if they're native speakers, some of them come up with weird stories in their resumes too.
I would like to point out that I'm not laughing about their English skills and I do not mean to imply that they are stupid!! They just sometimes write funny stuff in their applications and I have collected the best expressions so far to make you guys chuckle a bit too.
Here we go.

// jacket: cotton on // dress: pimkie // necklace: flea market //belt: l.a. golden //
bag: ebay // shoes: minnetonka // 

So these are my favourite funny bits from the applications so far:

"The first thing I did after leaving school was purchase a bouncy castle with the money I had saved over the years. After creating my own flyers and single handily pushing them through thousands of doors in my local area I now had my own Bouncy Castle Business making a profit of [...]"


"I would like to learn about Australian cocking and culture!" (he meant cooking)


"I would take the cables from the conveyor belt and pack them into boxes again and again and again" 
(passive-aggressive way to describe production line work experience)


"Worked as a farm hand (fart-time)."


"I had my braces removed last summer and will smile a lot in the job!"

These are my favourites so far. It's amazing what I was able to glean in only one month hm?!
Recruiting is a sometimes annoying but definitely fun business!

To make this a proper outfit post: the pics show what I wore to work the other week.
The Darth Vader bag and the sailboat dress are tried and tested favourites of mine. If I have one of these "a closet full of nothing to wear" mornings I can always rely on the sailboats.
The khaki green jacket is a new piece! I couldn't resist browsing the Cotton On sale in my lunch break the other day and found this versatile little number for only $15.

Hope you enjoyed this! Have a good day!

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  1. ich habe auch eine zeitlang leute eingestellt und bewerbungen gelesen, da gibt es so einiges zu sehen ...uiuiui ... aber ich vermisse bewerbungen lesen, vorstellungsgespräche und ein team betreuen. in meinem jetzigen job gibt es in unserem berliner büro nur meinen boss und mich ... einsam ist das.

    viel freude in deinem neuen job - und weiterhin viel erfolg! :)

  2. Hahaha I loved the story about the bouncy house. That sounds like a fun little side business to have! I'm glad you're enjoying your new job. Getting to wear whatever you want sounds fantastic. That boat print dress is always a good choice! I always end up throwing on favorite dresses when I'm having one of those moments when I feel like I have nothing to wear too!

    Jamie |

  3. Haha, dein Sonnenschutz-Outfit erinnert mich an ein Frühlingsoutfit =D Siehst wie immer toll aus :-*

  4. "Worked as a farm hand (fart-time)." BAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

  5. Just found your blog. Love this outfit. Super cute. Love the Darth Vader bag. Awesome!

  6. Haha, fart-time! Den finde ich ja gut! :-D
    Tolles Kleid!!

    Dir ein tolles Wochenende!

  7. Oh very cute and lovely dress
    Very cute pics

  8. At least the resumes put a smile on your face each day, which I am sure helps you cope. Love your outfit especially the bag. Did you see the giants? We saw the girl on Wellington street and felt too lazy to walk up to Adelaide terrace to look for the uncle. I thought it was beautiful but a friend of mine thinks they look creepy. lol. Have a lovely week. xo

  9. An unexpected perk from your job. Sounds like a fun place to work! And LOL, "fart time". Yes, I'm not five but I still find that funny XD

    xo Carbar

  10. hahahha!!! that's funny and interesting how random some of those are! :D
    love the way you combine the blue and brown together in this outfit!

    have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  11. I read this out to my colleages and we all laughed while we munched our sushi and drank our tea. It is such a brilliant post! Thanks Ina!!

  12. Haha, those are brilliant! Did make me chuckle :)
    Super outfit by the way, love the bag.

  13. I always thought it would be so interesting to be in recruitment - maybe one day! I am so glad you are enjoying your job, it certainly makes life a lot more fun if you have a job you like. Such a cute sailboat dress - I have a soft spot for anything nautical themed :D


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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