Wednesday 1 January 2014

goodbye 2013

Hello lovelies!

Damn, another year is over and I'm feeling really old again.
However it was still a good year, I'll look back on it with positive feelings.
I remember last New Year's Eve I was angry and sad about 2012 and glad that it was over and that I could start from scratch after a tiring breakup and moving to a new apartment.
2013 has taught me a lot about myself, about how to get over unpleasant things, about enjoying to be alone and spending time with myself, about new beginnings and new possibilities.
It was the year of new friendships and since September also of a new relationship (which ironically started exactly one year and one day after the breakup with P).
In the course of the year I finally got lucky, happy and content with my life again.
Thanks 2013 for being such a great year after all!

As for 2014 I don't have any real resolutions yet, I just want to make it a good year full of new adventures and experiences.
How about you? Any resolutions yet? Or opinions about 2013?

I wish you all a happy new year my dear readers!


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  1. all the best for 2014!
    Maren Anita

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  2. Hope you have an amazing 2014, 2013 sounded like a crazy year but it seems you've finished the year in a really good place :)

  3. 2013 was a great year! Lets hope that 2014 will be even better! Happy new year :)

  4. Danke fürs kommentieren, ich freu mich da immer sehr!
    Na dann, auf ein gutes 2014!

    Frohes Neues!

  5. Love this post! I wish you a great new year with a lot of fun and happiness!

  6. I'm so glad things have been looking up for you this past year. I hope this year brings a ton of great things for you! Happy new year!

  7. Wishing you a Fabulous 2014! May it inspire greatness and bring you heaps of success and love, topped with happiness, peace and prosperity.

  8. Glad to hear that your 2013 was pretty good, and hope your 2014 will be better! This year, I really wanna get my driver's license!

  9. ich hab nur einen vorsatz; abnehmen! aber das hab ich auch schon 2013 gehabt :)
    frohes neues jahr meine liebe!

  10. no real resolutions yet, but I'm sure if I had some it would involve losing weight and all that jazz... blah blah blah...

  11. Oh Carina, I'm glad your year has been good! That picture is so lovely and warm and cosy. I've had a 2013 full of changes too :) xx

  12. I'm glad that you were able to grow in 2013. That's what we should always be striving to do. I know you'll think of the perfect New Years resolutions soon! Here's to 2014 and all the new memories that it has in store :)
    xo TJ

  13. Happy new year!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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