Monday, 2 December 2013

omg a hair post

Hi guys!

How are you?
It feels like ages since I've written the last post. I'm trying hard to get back to regular blogging but it's honestly too tempting to spend time with the new boyfriend. I know that sucks for the blog, but he'll leave Germany in a couple of month and go back home to the other end of the world, so we try to spend as much time together as possible.
Anyways, after I got lots of comments on my hair in the last months, I finally managed to put together a hair post. It's funny that some of you seem to be interested in this because I normally never think about my hair too much. I wear it the same way almost each day and I don't use any special treatments or something.

I got my recent hair style and colour last year in summer (see this post). My life seemed to be changing, so what does a girl do then? Visit her hairdresser, exactly! So my hairdresser worked his magic on my head and turned me from dark brown to ginger - or as the salon says "copper". He talked me into having bangs too and it was the best decision ever, I looked and felt like a new person.

As you can see in the photo the salon I go to is called Oliver's Hair, a chain with several branches here in Düsseldorf.
I have my roots dyed once in 3-4 months, which is actually too little but I can't afford it more often, so I regularly have to rock the dark blond roots for a while instead.
The colour I wear is called "copper", but unfortunately I can't tell you more about it because my hairdresser mixes and prepares it especially for my hair type. A good hairdresser will know your hair well enough to decide what exact colour to prepare.
In my case it's that I have dyed my hair so often that it's dry and the structure is porous, so it will soak up the colour like a sponge but also let it go again very quickly after only 2-3 washings. So my hair dresser mixes in an extra portion of red because she knows the "real" copper tone I want will appear and last longer after the red has faded out a bit.
Look at the "after" photo above and then watch the following sequence of pics and you'll understand what I mean.

So as you can see the "real" copperish red-blond tone is reached after two weeks and several washings (I usually wash my hair every second day). It stops to fade out so much then and only gets slightly lighter in the course of the following four weeks, so that after eight weeks it still looks decent enough colour-wise (sorry, really had a bad hair day in the pic above style-wise though).
Then I start to get dark blonde roots and have to make a new appointment soon.
Also I have my bangs trimmed regularly, therefore I drop in at the salon once a month, otherwise I can't see anymore.
As for the products I use, that's pretty boring actually: I live on a student budget so I buy different cheap shampoos and conditioners at the supermarket. However if I can afford it I love to use L'Oreal Everpure products. The only product I always buy, no matter how broke I am is the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Finish Cream (in German "Zauberformel").

Well, that's all I can think of for now. If you have more questions about my hair feel free to ask. I always appreciate the lovely comments you leave me about my hair and I'm glad you like what you see.

Until next time. Have a lovely day!


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  1. Your Oliver's "copper" hair colour looks lovely in all of the different shades. The red colour contrasts and coordinates beautifully with your blue eyes and black eyeliner. Your makeup and your hair look very pretty.

  2. also ich steht ja sowieso auf rotblond bzw orange haare und dir stehts richtig gut, grad mit dem pony :)

  3. I saw some old blog photos of you that had been shared on Pinterest. You looked like a totally different with your dark hair and no bangs!

  4. The hair colour suits you very much! I had bangs put in recently too, xoxo.

  5. Hello. How are you?
    I want to speak your language, I just love it! But I've no time to try it... What a pity.
    I love your hair, I think that the ginger's girls are the most beautiful... (I don't understand all the jokes about it, like ''OMG, a ginger, run, run!''). You are so pretty, very elegant.
    Cold kisses from France :)

  6. Oh I really like the darker color for winter and it fades out into such a pretty color too!

  7. pretty!! red hair looks awesome on you!


  8. Hi carina!Remember me!
    How have you been! I haven't came here for awhile and guess what, i did that 11 things about me post u tag me after so long! Lol, i really like the first few weeks of shades on there! Not the last one though :/ xx

  9. Carina, I love love LOVE your new colour! :) It suits you perfectly :)


  10. I have always love your hair! Gorgeous

  11. Hey, just found your blog and I think it's pretty interesting :)
    feel free to check out mine to.



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