Sunday 1 July 2012


Hi guys!

Tadaaaaa, surprise surprise: I have bangs now.
After a little dyeing mishap I decided to go to the hairdresser and was eager to follow the stylist's advice and go from brown to something more red. He called it copper, however I don't think the result is a copper tone. But nevertheless I really love it. He told me that reddish colours are perfect for blue-eyed people because the contrast makes the eyes shine more (before I only went to discounter hairdressers where the a stylists never told me such things).
I also needed a trim and had been thinking back and forth about getting bangs or not for several months anyway, so when I had the cut consultancy I thought: "You're already here, so why not?".
I actually wanted a bit more of a "side bangs" version like this here, but once again I let the stylist talk me round to going for the full bangs version. He gave me a very good consultancy and told me it would certainly suit me, so I gave him the green light and this is the result.

I'm very very happy with how the colour turned out - it's really flattering for le teint, no? I'm not really sure about the bangs yet though. It's still so odd when I look into the mirror and, as I wanted rather longer side bangs, I still have something different in mind. But of course I'm not completely unhappy with the new style, I think I'll just have to get used to it and try out different looks.
I already found out that if all the hair on the forehead feels like too much for me, I can style them a bit to the side (like in the pic above) and once they have grown a bit more again, I'll be able to switch to real side bangs.

Oh and here is a little blooper thingy from when I tried to play the bangs to the gallery in the photos yesterday. I had to think of horror movies immediately and the compare to The Grudge made me laugh so hard! I hope it doesn't give you the creeps too much. ;)

Have a nice day everyone!

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  1. Yay! I love it so so much! I remember when I first got bangs ... that was the best hair decision I ever made. You look so beautiful!!

  2. steht dir soo so gut! :) super entscheidung!

  3. oooh I really like the colour and the full fringe, you look so pretty!


  4. Also ich finde sowohl Farbe als auch Pony sehr toll. Steht dir sehr gut und ich finde, deine Augen kommen toll zur Geltung.

  5. sieht ja richtig stark aus!! :o :DD

  6. You look great with bangs :D I love the new look of the blog, btw!

  7. Der Pony steht dir wirklich gut ;) Ich mag es, wie du ihn seitlich gestylt hast :)

  8. You look great with a a side bangs :)
    Love the colour of your hair !

  9. steht dir sehr gut, pony und farbe :)

  10. Ich finde auch das es eine gute Entscheidung war, abwechselung tut jedem mal gut ;-)

  11. Das letzte Bild, ich lach mich weg ^^
    Die Frisur steht dir sehr gut, die Farbe auch.
    Übrigens finde ich deinen Header total klasse. Ich klick mich weiter bei dir durch!
    Ich habe die leise Vermutung, dass du bald eine neue Leserin hast :)

    Viele liebe Grüße

  12. I love your bangs, I think they look fantastic and the red make your blue eyes sparkle!

    Say Hi to a new follower :)

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  13. love your new bangs! oh i wish you didn't have to do the grudge hahaha


  14. Awww, your new bangs are adorablz! I miss mine but they took a year to grow out & I'm not sure I can go through all that again...Love the colour of yours!

    The Style Rawr!

  15. nice reference to The Grudge hahaha you're funny. But also adorable. Loving the bangs and the red! Very Bold.


  16. Absolutely adore the bangs on you. They look great on you!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. You look incredible in the bangs! :D

  18. Deine neue Frisur sieht viel moderner aus als die alte;)

  19. gosh, the grudge photo makes me scared a little while. You look so pretty btw! Love your new bangs!! Looks so good !!!
    yea, I'm living in Shanghai now, yes I have solved the internet access problem but not the photoshop yet..

    have a great day!!

  20. they look beautiful! your hair in general is lovely!


  21. i lovelovelove your lip ring. used to have one just like you but my mum made me lose it )):

  22. sehr gute entscheidung! :)

  23. Love your bangs! So pin-up! I think they really suit you though they must be a lot of work - especially in humid summer weather... But you look great! :) The first picture is awesome btw! :)

  24. I really like your bangs and the new hair color! Just beautiful!

  25. You me have something in common here hhaahah! Especially the grudge part, i have bangs for so long so i try to keep my fringe long, as long as i could, they are just so annoying.

    x - The Nuliya

  26. Niiiice! Steht dir richtig gut!!

    Und die ähnlcihkeit mit the grudge is verblüffend...

    .. du spinnerin! :D


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