Wednesday 4 July 2012

oak square

Hi guys!

How are you doing?
I'm slowly getting used to my new bangs and I start playing around with different styles, using hair clips and headbands. I also can't wait to wear knit hats in autumn, it looks great, I already tried it.
Anyway, this is the dress I already showed you a few days ago, it's one of my swapping trophies - I love the colourful plaid and the versatile fit. I can either wear it as a breezy a-line dress or as a kind of empire frock with a waist belt. Or I could also try knotting it to achieve a kind of balloon shape maybe?
I did the laundry on Sunday and just had to wear it as soon as possible, so I put together this look for the office yesterday (and I wore it again today). It's funny how this look reminds me of my kindergarten time - I know I used to have a "Playmobil bob" hairstyle and I also recall an image of me wearing a colourful a-line dress as a child as well. But maybe it's just my imagination running riot?
 And the birdcage necklace - I haven't worn it in months. I always forget that I have it and I'm always happy when I rediscover it in the depths of my jewelry drawer.

Apart from my ramblings about the outfit and hair I have nothing more to write about today, life's pretty boring: I work, I procrastinate writing two philosophy essays, I read "Mona in the promised land" for my Anglistics seminar, I wait for the semester break. That's all, hope I'll have something more interesting to tell you next time.

Oh and I applied for some job offers to get a second student job for the semester break. Wish me luck! 

Have a nice day! :)

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  1. Both color and bangs looks AMAZING on you! Really, I love it! <3

    That dress is also amazing, I love the pattern and colors of it. ^^

  2. Love the colours in this dress, looks so nice!


  3. oo i really love all the colors in the plaid, and the bird cage necklace is too cute!


  4. hair accessories are fun!!

  5. Your hair looks AMAZING!!! I loooove it, what a great new style, the cut and colour are perfect on you. And I can imagine it will look awesome with knit hats.
    This plaid dress is gorgeous too, the colours are so fun and summery, and who can say no to plaid? I need me some summer plaid!

  6. Ohhh your new hair looks gorgeous!! I can't wait to see how you style it up now, bangs always look amazing with different hair accessories!

  7. die stirnfransen stehn dir voll gut =)

  8. oh you look fantastic! I'm really loving this outfit and the purple tones on it! plus, I LOVE your shoes, can't believe they're from Primark, I truly need to go and search for them! :)

  9. Your new hair-do really suits you! I'm tempted to get bangs cut myself now! Lovely blog, I'm glad I stopped by :)

  10. das kleid gefaellt mir super gut, und deinen pony? heisst doch so auf deutsch oder, aber jetzt denke ich dabein immer on pferdeschwanz! language confusion!

  11. Nice blog and love the cute birdcage necklace <3

  12. I am loving that dress, it is gorgeous - It looks great cinched in at the waist like that!

    Good luck with your interview!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  13. I love this outfit on you! I like the pattern. Your hair looks great, too.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. oh carina! you look so absolutely beautiful with your new bangs! i totally adore this outfit as well - it's seriously making me miss my tights right about now! :)

  15. love the dress! it reminds me of my favorite summer dress, also a bright plaid a-line :) so cute and colorful!

  16. Whoa whoa whoaa! I haven't visited your blog in months and I'm seeing great changes! Love your new hair color and bangs! They really suit you :D

  17. Yes, I definitely love your dress and the new hair cut and hair color! Colorful and lovely as always!

    Good luck getting that student job you want! :)

  18. Nice outfit,love your haircolour.
    I wonder if you would like to follow each other.

  19. das karo kleid ist ja super... tolle farben!

  20. The dress, necklace and hair: gorgeous!


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