Thursday 24 June 2010

summer legs problem

Hi guys!

How are you all doing today? :)

First of all I'd like to thank you guys for all the lovely comments on my posts here and also over at Chictopia! I really appreciate them and it's always interesting what you think about me and my looks and my thoughts and inspiration. It's wonderful to watch my blog grow with me and my readers!

I remember some months ago when I started blogging, I felt so unsure about everything and so intimidated by all these thousands of awesome fashion blogs out there, the variety was overwhelming, well and still is. But I really wanted to start something and I'm glad I did it because there were many things in life that I wanted to achieve and then I gave up before really getting into them.
So thank you for motivating me to go on folks! It's fun, it's inspiration, it's a challenge. I have so many ideas for topics to blog about and I hope I'll be able to work them all away one by one and of course I hope you'll keep on following. If I ever become too boring please tell me! :)

By the way: the first photo was not planned to look like that, but my camera has its own will, so I couldn't change it. I think it turned out a bit artsy, as if I had put a Photoshop filter on it. Cool or not?

blouse: oasis, cardi + skirt + belt: h&m, tights: accessorize, shoes: primark

Okay, now for something completely different: summer legs!
I know I'm a bit late as it's already officially summer in Germany, but that's the topic I've been thinking about much lately. The issue is, that my legs are not the prettiest, but well, that's okay. A bigger problem is my congenital blemish.

As you might have noticed I have these red stains on my right leg, a thing which is called lymphoid haematoma. It (normally) doesn't hurt, it's just there and looks strange, but unfortunately some parts of it have been inflamed since last summer. So it hurts a bit and I have to put cream and powder and band-aid on it.
Furthermore I can't really shave the area around the inflamed spots (irritated skin), so my summer legs would look pretty stupid with hairy circles allover. It sounds ridiculous, I know :D but I really don't know if I should go for "I don't give a damn!" or if I'll have to wear tights to conceal my problem legs.
What do you think? I mean would you eye me
suspiciously with my pale red-stained band-aid blotched legs? Or wouldn't you even notice (haha, good one)?
I'm not a person that leads life after the opinion of others, but I'm curious about other people's comments about this topic, so I thought I could ask you guys :)

Alright, that's it for today. Now it's world cup time! I hope Germany can make it to win against Ghana, I'm keeping my fingers crossed ;)

Have a lovely day!

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  1. I'm so glad you started blogging! I love your blog! I feel the same way - I'm really intimidated by all the other bloggers, especially those with really nice cameras/clothes but I think it's important to continue blogging and be yourself. : )

    As far as the legs thing - I just developed some kind of skin blemish on my legs this summer for no reason, (awesome,) which leaves irritated red patches that I can treat with cream but I'm going to just wear bare legs and not care if anyone doesn't like it. Either that, or if it gets bad, nude, sheer stockings. I think the sunlight and air is good for skin, anyway. : )

  2. I love reading your blog :) I'm glad you started one!
    I also think the sunlight and air are good for the skin.
    I guess it's hard to comment because it's hard to know how you feel or if you have experienced any negativity towards this in the past that might be affecting you now. But I think I would go for the "I don't give a damn!" I can't imagine wearing tights if it was really warm! But I find tights uncomfortable in general, so maybe thats just me. I hope it stops irritating your skin and goes away!
    Also... WOOOT! Go Germany! :D

  3. I would go with the "I don't give a damn!" option. I have a friend with a massive purple birthmark covering most of his hand but no one really notices it because we all our used to it. If you go bare legged, people might ask at first but after awhile, they won't even notice it because they'll just think of it is part of you.

    I like your blue flats.

  4. Fist of all. Congrats on reaching the 1/8 final for Germany.About the leg problem, i go for concealing it. Of course not on the beach, but when wearing a dress to work yes! I don't know why people from Northern Europe ( especially Holland) want to show so much skin. Italians would never,ever do that it's just not stylish.I hear you on the "i don't give a damn" and normally i agree but not on this topic. Have a great day.XX

  5. Thank you for your comments! I'm still thinking about it and I'm still not sure, well for today I chose the tights because it wasn't too hot. Ah, we'll see... Thank you eitherway :)


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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