Monday, 24 November 2014

my must-have travel essentials

my must-have travel essentials

Hello loves!

Today it's all about travelling here on Bad Taste Toast.
Turo asked me what my must-have travel essentials are - perfect timing! I have just moved to Australia, I'm a travel essentials pro now.
No matter if I travel by car, train or plane, I will always make sure I carry the following things with me to stay happy and fresh.

1. LIP BALM! - Oh my God, for some reason I didn't have lip balm on my 21 hour flight to Australia. My poor lips were so dry and really hurt from the permanent aircon breeze. It took me almost a week to rehydrate them again. Never again will I travel without lip balm!

2. Toothbrush - that actually should go without saying. I believe everybody needs a fresh mouth to feel good.

3. Neck pillow - for the little naps.

4. Sleeping mask - to make the little naps even more relaxing.

5. Hand cream - to keep the skin moistured, can be used for any other body part too.

6. Headphones - very important to tune out the noise if necessary (screaming kids, snoring seat neighbours etc., you know what I mean...)

7. Notepad and pen - this is a "me thing", I simply have to be able to scribble and write down sudden brainwaves, bucket lists and such.

8. A book - for example my favourite book "Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt. I could read it a million times and still love it!

9. Water - simple and very important. Drink it or splash it on your cheeks and temples for instant refreshment.

10. HTC One XL - my beloved smartphone that I need to kill time, listen music, blog etc.

11. Compact powder - to avoid a shiny nose after some hours of travelling.

12. Chewing gum - for a fresh breath and against this nasty pressure inside of your ears when travelling by plane.

Okay, so far so good, but you might ask yourself: "Why do they ask her about travel essentials?"
Well, let me help you with this one:

Turo is a peer-to-peer sharing car rental service with a growing airport rentals initiative to help people both make and save money while traveling.
I have seen this concept of peer-to-peer sharing services grow over the past years and love how it opens new doors for travellers.
I already knew the concept from accommodation portals and love it! So I was delighted to see Turo offers the same for cars too. It's awesome and so practical for travellers that they established airport rentals all over the USA too now! If you need to rent a car you can just use the app, choose from a wide range of different vehicles and pay less than with the commercial car rental companies.
 Also if you own a car and would like to earn some extra pocket money you can offer it via Turo for others to rent. It basically is a perfect win-win situation!

What do you think, do you like the idea? Would you use the Turo services? What are your travel essentials?

Happy Monday!
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  1. Das Nackenkissen ist wirklich ein Muss für jede, längere Reise!

  2. I can't go anywhere without my lip balm, it is my saviour as my lips are so fragile. Also I have to have a good book, they pass the time :)

    How are you enjoying Australia?

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  3. Loved the Frank Mc Court memoir too, gr8 read! X

  4. Definitely yes on the water and the lip balm. I'm always so dehydrated when I travel, it's like I've swallowed a dust bunny. Ditto on a good book, I wouldn't make it without one.

  5. i seriously have the same things as you when travelling!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. For what EVER reason I have yet to own a neck pillow. I suppose I just like being uncomfortable? And great tip for bringing along chapstick. That's one of those things you just dont think of and then go through hell when you need. Great post- will definitely be popping back to this next time I take a trip :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. Ganz ähnlich sehen auch meine Essentials aus - am Wochenende fahre ich wieder weg, gut, dass du mich an ein paar Sachen erinnert hast! :-)



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