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rome roundup

rome roundup travel post title
Hi guys!

Sorry for being away so long between my posts, I'm still trying to get into the normal blogging routine again after all my city trips and the flus I had in between. Furthermore I'm trying to spend as much time as possible with someone who has entered my life and has been making me really happy since then. ;)
Anyway, here are the promised photos of my Rome trip. It was the last of the three city trips I took, so after this post there'll finally be outfits again.
I went to Rome with my family to weeks ago, it was my mum, stepdad, stepbro and me. Believe me, after two days I started to remember why I hated to go on vacation with the family when I was a teenager - damn can they be exhausting.
However I shouldn't really complain because my stepdad had booked all kinds of sightseeing tours for us, for example a guided audio tour for the Coloseum.
On this first tour we covered the Coloseum, which was really cool and the Forum Romanum. It was quite hot that day, although it was the end of October we had 24°C and pretty high air humidity that made the trip feel like a summer holiday.
The Vatican was a bit of a disappointment because you have to pay for everything. The only place you can visit for free is St. Peter's Square and when I stood there and took a look around I saw that it always looked much bigger on TV, so it was nothing really impressive to me. I would've loved to see the Sistine Chapel with the Michelangelo frescos, but like I said, unfortunately you had to pay for it and I just failed to see why I should throw money down the Christian church's throat. In my opinion that's a total tourist rip-off and pretentious for an institution that tells their followers not to be covetous...
Shopping-wise I couldn't do much because I was already pretty broke from the trips to Budapest and Prague that I had taken before I visited Rome. However I was able to at least buy a cheap necklace for myself and some chocolate that's not available in Germany.
Some other places we visited were Foro Augusto (see picture above), two arch basilicas, the Holy Steps, catacombs and Castel St. Angelo, but I didn't want to spam you guys with too many photos. Also I enjoyed the trip but came to the conclusion that Rome is not really my cup of tea. It was interesting to see all the historic sites, but apart from that I was just not feeling this city, it felt different and I was not as smitten as I was with the Eastern European cities.

Hope you like the pics though.
Have you ever been to Rome? How did you like it?
Have a lovely day!


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  1. Great blog
    I would love to visit Rome

    Please visit:

  2. You loom very cute in your shopping picture :)

    CC x

  3. Great post!!! This looks like so much fun, I would love to visit Rome, definitely on my bucket list :D

  4. I have that same problem! I love going on trips with my mom because she can afford to book stuff I otherwise wouldn't go see, but she can be sooooo... Exhausting is a good nice little polite word.:) Anyway, I'm really jealous of your trip, that had to be A BLAST!!! And what's with the new love interest??;)

  5. Ahh, I'm so jealous of all your trips! The last photo with the sunset in the background is really pretty. I've been to Rome before, and it was fun but I agree, not my favourite city! xx

  6. You've got great style and I'm totally in love with your header!! I'm a new follower :)

    If you're interested, follow me back!

  7. Love your blog header, so creative! So many great pics.

  8. TThere must have been so many interesting sites to see in Rome. I love the never says mondays top- it is so true!

  9. Wunderbare Stadt ,war heuer auch in Rom :)
    Du siehst toll aus ,du wählst immer so schöne Farben für deine Outfits <3

    LG :)

  10. Geil... das alles will ich auch mit meinen eigenen Augen noch sehen! :P

  11. i am from germany! you are darling

  12. Great piccies dear!
    Rome looks awesome, never been there tho but I know what you mean..I felt the same way about some other Italian cities. And Paris actually. XD Ah well..
    You look lovely as always! ^^
    Much huggles and have a great weekend! ^^/

  13. My thoughts exactly re: The Vatican! And I can definitely see how after Budapest and Prague it was lacking that smth special...


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