Thursday 3 October 2013

25 first times

25 first times q&a post title
Hi guys!

This is my last post before going on holiday, yaay! So excited!
My girl Peet from For Peet's Sake did a fun 25 first times post the other day and tagged me to do one too, so here it is. Don't worry, it's G-rated! ;)

First tweet:
Sorry, I'm not on Twitter.

First blog post:
I was pretty insecure and anxious if someone would be interested in my photos and ramblings. Now three years later I'm glad I started blogging and kept going until now.

First blog you followed:
Delightfully Tacky, so good!!

First Facebook profile picture:
Haha it was a photo of an owl! I like owls.

Do you still talk to your first love?
No, 14-year-old me was tough enough to dump him and never talk to him again after he kissed my former best friend. Ha!

First alcoholic drink:
Not really the first alcoholic drink, but even better - first alcoholic faux pas: I was 14 and told my parents I would sleep over at a friend's house and of course she told her parents the same. So we hung out at the skate park, got really drunk, visited a punkrock concert and stayed out all night, got even more drunk and broke into a tool shed (no comment...). The next morning a guy wrote me a message if we would be together now and I didn't even know who he was. What do we learn from this kids? Alcohol is bad. (But fun!)

First job:
When I was 18 (late, I know - spoiled only child) I worked at a recreation park (where the aforementioned skate park was). I had to sell tickets mostly, but of course felt like the coolest kid in town when I let all my friends in for free.

First car:
Oh my God, are you sure you want to know that?!
My parents' car: back then (and fortunately long gone by now) a neon yellow Seat Cordoba. And yes when I say neon I mean NEON!! It was so embarassing...

First person that texted you today:
Someone I got to know a couple of weeks ago and like a lot.

Who was the first person you thought of this morning?
Again the same someone I got to know a couple of weeks ago and like a lot.

First great teacher:
Mr. Flecke, my English teacher in 5th grade. I think this is where my love for the English language began (I study it now).
I actually wonder how this happened because he made us stand up and sing a "Good morning Mr. Flecke" song each morning when he entered the room, damn I hated it...

Where did you go to on your first airplane ride?
Haha really not spectacular: Dresden. It's a city in Eastern Germany and I went there on a trip with a friend. The flight took us ridiculous 45 minutes.

Who was your first best friend? Do you still talk?
Thomas! I've literally known him since I was born. His mum and mine were best friends too, they lived across the street so their house was my second home. We're still best friends, so yes we still talk ;)

Where was your first sleep over?
I really don't remember but I think probably at my grandma's house. I loved it there, she always made me delicious snacks and let me watch TV as long as I wanted. Score!! In your face, mum's TV restrictions!

What was the first thing you did this morning?
Pushed the snooze button! Like every morning.

What was the first concert you ever went to?
Oh, well now this is embarassing... The Kelly Family when I was 10 years old. Looking back now I feel deeply ashamed!

First broken bone:
Never had one. My bones are made of steel, ha! No they're not, but still they seem to be pretty indestructible.

First piercing:
You can see it in my photos. The lip piercing when I was 18.

First foreign country you've been to:
The Netherlands. My parents used to go there on vacation with me almost every year when I was a child.

First movie you remember seeing:
Uhm, hhmm...I think it was Arielle but I'm really not sure.

First detention:
I don't remember if we actually had detention. But I had to leave the class room a lot because I couldn't keep my mouth shut and chatted too much.

First roommate:
Never had one (ex boyfriends don't count here, do they?).

First sport you were involved in:
I started to take jazz dance classes when I was four and quit when I was sixteen.

First thing you do when you get home:
I put on my pyjama pants!! :)

When was your first kiss:
At a summer camp when I was 12. Wind of Change was playing in the background - haha as corny as it can be, right?

Have a good day loves! :)


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  1. I really like this. So nostalgic and fun to think about. I totally answered the questions myself as i went through.

  2. I like your first blog post! Thank you for following my blog!!! I see you follow Peet of For Peet's Sake too :) I love your new hat. I've never been to the Netherlands or even had a passport but I would love to visit it someday. You look very very cute drinking your vanilla milkshake. I like your eye-makeup, pretty blue eyes and lovely red hair. I hope you will do a fashion outfit post featuring your comfortable pajama pants sometime :) Congratulations on your first blog post! I love it.

  3. Oops! I goofed. A small correction: Congratulations on your first blog! (not your first post) I just subscribed, am following blog now and noticed the lovely fashion posts you've done previously!

  4. Carina, this is such a fun idea. It's kind of nostalgic and makes you recall all of those special moments in your life. I'm going to do something similar I feel. Have a great trip girl!


  5. You are pretty, and your ''hat'' is so funny. I seen a similary cat-hat one week ago, and I just loved it, it's so original and it give happiness.

  6. I totally enjoyed reading your post and getting to know you better! I am interested in hearing more about this person you met a few weeks ago! :) So totally sweet that you still have the same best friend!


  7. hehe... ich habe gar nicht gleich gecheckt, dass das ein halber Dino und ein ein Bein sind :D
    So geil!

  8. My first concert was embarrassing too it was just a bunch of pop bands I didn't really like or care about. And it makes me sad I still haven't had my first car yet!! :(

  9. haha du bist mir super sympathisch :D hab an einigen stellen ordentlich gelacht, ohje <3

  10. that cat beanie is pretty darn cute!

    Lady à la Mode

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