Monday, 11 February 2013

you were always gold to me


Monday morning to be precise - oh boy I'm having such a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings lately. That's why I gladly slept in today. It's a phenomenon: in the mornings I'm always dead tired but in the evenings when I'm supposed to go to bed I'm wide awake. What's going wrong here?
I'm desperately trying to get back to a normal sleeping pattern that I last had in autumn 2012 and that I've been missing since then.
Some of you commented on my last post that they cannot sleep when they are home alone. Well since I live alone I sleep like a baby, it just takes me ages to fall asleep and to wake up and that is what bothers me. I need at least one episode of The Three Investigators at night and at least three times the snooze button at 20-minutes-intervals in the morning - this can't be normal!
I imploringly hope I'll get my act together because otherwise I'll get some serious time management problems when I start to write my bachelor thesis soon.

The outfit is from Saturday when I took a long walk through the cold. It was a perfect late morning, I slept in, got dressed, grabbed some coffe at the next bakery and wandered around my neighbourhood in the crisp winter air. I love it!
I'm one of the few people who are happy that the temperatures have dropped again. Actually we already had two or three rather mild days at the end of January but then suddenly we were back around zero with icy winds and sometimes even a little snow.
I'm wearing the hell out of my different winter boots, jackets, hats and scarves and I never get tired of putting together new combos with them. I just love to wrap myself up in knit, winter is my season.

See this cute colourful shirt? Let me tell you something: it's actually supposed to be a mini dress. Whaaat? Yes! I couldn't believe it either. The brand is called Yumi (which is a Japanese longbow, wtf?) and seems to be British - which surprised me because basically I thought it was Japanese, uh?!
Now you see that the dress is actually way too short on me to be worn as a dress. You may think "Okay maybe it's a petite version for the small and petite Asian girls." - yes my first thought too, but how can this be when the brand is British? Furthermore I'm not very tall and I think a dress should at least be long enough to cover your private parts, no?
So this dress will always stay a mystery to me and I will wear it only with pants underneith! 

Hope you're having a good start into the week!

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  1. schöne farben - ein bisschen hippie oder? gefällt mir gut :)

  2. Lovely outfit! I struggle with getting to sleep and getting up when I'm on my own too. But then I actually don't really like sharing a bed during the night either! I'd quite like it if my husband would help me to go to sleep/be there when I wake up but go away for the time in between. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

    I ordered this tunic in the black a few years ago - I LOVED the rainbow colours and was so excited about it arriving. I'd come up with all these outfit ideas. But then as you say, it's ridiculously short! I'm only 5ft0, and it was *just* about wearable as a dress with tights, but not really. I had to send it back because I don't do jeans. It's so bizarre. A couple of inches of fabric aren't so much to ask!

    But, it looks great with the purple jeans :)

  3. I absolutely love the necklace! <3

  4. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Following you now on bloglovin and GFC, hope you can follow back =)

    **Giveaway on my blog**

  5. I love the styling!! You are so cute!!

    I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin and GFC!
    Hope you can drop by my blog too and follow back if you want. :)

  6. Perfect casual outfit!!! I love this patterned blouse and that cardigan looks oh so cozy. I am having a really hard time sleeping lately too, takes so long to fall asleep and then I keep waking up :(

  7. there is no way that is a dress..
    it is really cute though.. the outfit looks great

  8. Was für ein schönes Oberteil, und deine Mütze ist auch zuckersüß!


  9. The beanie is so cute! I also like the blouse& necklace. :X

  10. Love the colours and the whole outfit! :) Do you have Women's Secret in Germany? They had a Fifi Lapin line around Christmas. :) I ended up getting a mug and a cosmetics bag, they are just so cute!

    You look so good darling, I've been meaning to tell you, you really lost a lot of weight since we met and just look a-ma-zing. :)

  11. You're not alone. It has been nearly impossible for me to get out of bed these days!

    Loving this outfit!

    Your blog is awesome

  12. This sweater looks so comfy! Perfect for a lazy Sunday.

  13. You've inspired me to take my purple pants out of my closet and show them the world!

  14. I like your look very much :))

    follow each other?

  15. Great look, I'm really digging coloured pants lately! And what a lovely necklace!

  16. the shirt is really gorgeous... i can't believe it's supposed to be a dress!!

  17. I love how your hair color goes with your outfit coloring!

  18. Great jeans! Love that colour :)))

  19. Das ist eindeutig kein kleidsondern ein top, sehr schoen ist es aber trotzdem!


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