Saturday 16 February 2013

my ghost just tries to keep you warm

Hello folks!

How are you today? It's Friday, so I hope everyone's fine and has some nice plans for the weekend.
I have to admit I don't have concrete plans yet, but as it's the loveliest winter weather outside, I think I'll definitely take a long walk tomorrow.
Something I've been loving to do at the weekends lately because during the week I hardly find time for it. That's also the reason why I had to take photos of this outfit in my kitchen: I had no time to head to one of my outdoor photo spots. Plus it was too windy and snowy outside to take pictures without the warm winter coat on because we had a kind of mini blizzard here yesterday.
Hm what else? Oh, I tried something new with the jumper over the dress, how do you like it? I think it looks nice but admittedly I'm not a jumper person at all. I can't even explain why, but I prefer cardigans. I have roughly twenty cardigans in my wardrobe but only two jumpers, haha.

Some other news: maybe my German readers remember this Nikon commercial that was on television last year? I used to love the the song in it back then. Well, a few days ago I stumbled across it in my browser's bookmarks and clicked my way through more of the artist's Youtube videos and since then I have a big crush on his music. He's called Radical Face and I've been listening to his tracks on repeat for the last couple of evenings in front of my laptop. It's beautiful music, calm, kind of nostalgic to me and folky so that I will not only listen to it until the end of winter, but definitely also on sunny summer days - folky music is something that matches all seasons and moods if you ask me.

Wishing you all a happy Friday! :)

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  1. Love your hat!

  2. Nice sweater ♥

  3. I love the jumper/dress combo and the colours are beautiful on you. But I know what you mean - I am a cardigan person through and through - they're a bit girlier, more flattering on me and it's easier to remove them when it gets too hot!

  4. Wow, great look. :)

  5. Love this, red is such a nice colour on you : )

  6. Die Kombi mit dem Pulli und dem Kleid ist seeeehr schön! ;)

  7. Lovely outfit xx

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  8. I love the dress with the red sweater over it, so perfectly layered. I love the hat and the pineapple necklace! How cute!

  9. so so cute! will follow you now. would like to check out my blog and follow it if you like? xoxo

  10. I'm a cardigan person too, so I understand. I recently started collecting more sweaters though. Your red sweater looks great layered over the floral dress. This definitely looks like a comfy outfit too!

  11. love how you styled this entire look!!! the boots are so practical and chic!! the red, white and brown is an amazing combo! :) lovely look!

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  12. WOW *-*
    I really like your blog, it's amazing! :)
    I'm in love with your beanie ;)

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    - xo Supernat

  13. Das Kleid ist mal ganz wunderschön - auch sehr schön finde ich, wie du die Schichten kombiniert hast!


  14. I love how sweaters look with dresses.. Cool outfit!

    - Laura

  15. Total süße Kombi <3 Das Kleid ist total toll!


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