Friday, 10 October 2014

favourite accessory: coffee

Hello loves!

Yes, you hardly ever see me without coffee at the moment because there is still so much to do and only two weeks left until I go to Australia for a year. Waah, feels so unreal to write it down. I only work two days a week and have the rest of the time off but it's not all easy breezy relaxing in bed.
I'm trying to get rid of most of my furniture, so different people pick up the stuff they've bought at least two or three times a day. Furthermore it's a pain in the a** to cancel all my contracts (internet, mobile fone, insurances) - German bureaucracy is a real bitch! And don't even get me started about opening hours of the places I have to go...
BUT I can see progress. I'm getting there. Just need to tell myself not to forget breathing every once in a while.

I wore this cute little number to run errands on Wednesday. Nothing better than a good old polkadots and denim combo for October. I also really had to wear the cardigan because wine red is one of my favourite autumn colours ever!
As you might have noticed, my hair is freshly dyed again and shines in a bright warm copper tone - I love it! So perfect in the golden sunlight we've been having plenty of lately.

Last but not least: how do you like my new blog design?
On Wednesday I suddenly got so sick and tired of the old design, especially because the old template I used was really chaotic. I had changed so much in the CSS/HTML over the past years, I didn't even know where to adjust the simplest things anymore.
Now I've started from scratch and built up everything on a structed and easy-to-use template with a replaceable background and all the info no longer all over the place. Everything is in its spot again and I feel much better about the blog now.
Hopefully you guys like it too?

Happy Thursday dolls!
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  1. Coffee is an accessory that's very hard to resist! I love coffee in the morning with Nestle's flavoured creamer. Good grief, It hadn't dawned on me before how big and undertaking it is for you to be moving to Australia. What part of Australia are you moving to? Kudos on your progress. I love your H+M polka-dot skirt and the way you styled it. Your "Berry Cool" Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss looks pretty.

  2. Cute look :) That denim top is precious. Wow I can't believe you move so soon. YAY! celebrating with you! It will be here before you know it and no more worries in Germany, yay. Rachel xo

  3. sehr schöner Look, sieht toll aus!
    hab ein wundervolles Wochenende!

  4. sounds like very exciting times, hope everything goes well with your move! also, i love your necklace:-) x

  5. Blog looks good. Looooove the outfit and I could really go for some coffee right now. Care to share?

  6. I feel the same about a coke zero, I should take my pictures with a bottle, that would be fun. I love the polka dots you are wearing. I wish you all the best for coming to Australia, After reading about it for so long I can't believe it is happening so soon. I really hope you like it here.

  7. Sehr hübsches neues Blogdesign, gefällt mir sehr gut!
    Ich kenne das, als ich nach England bin musste ich auch alles loswerden und das war mehr Arbeit als gedacht.
    Süß sahst du aber mal wieder aus. Wie machst du das nur immer? :-)


  8. Love the new blog design! And the shot of you with the coffee cup on your head is adorable :)

    Wow, Australia is coming up fast for you, huh? You'll get through all the stress of packing up and moving in no time. And then you'll have an awesome adventure ahead of you. So exciting!

    xo Carbar


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