Saturday 31 August 2013

meet you in the middle like it's going out of style

Hello lovelies!

How are you?
Another eventful, busy and awesome week has almost come to an end. I finally handed in the official registration for my bachelor thesis and now I'm excitedly waiting for my deadline. Furthermore I have worked at the office a lot to get some extra money for the upcoming city trips in October, which I'm so looking forward to - Budapest, Prague, Rome, it will be so amazing! As for the bit of free time I had, I spent it mostly hanging out with friends after work.
On Thursday there was a really nice barbecue night at one of the local (and also one of my favourite) pubs called Brause, it was perfect weather to sit outside and have some beer and sausages. There used to be a gas station where the pub is, so they still have this typical roofed fore court to host outdoor events in the summer time, e.g. video game nights, music quizes, small concerts, readings and so on. There's always a bunch of friendly, nerdy and funny people there and the beer is cheap, so if you happen to be in the neighbourhood one day, then come over and say hi.

Yesterday was pretty fun as well: a couple of guys from university filmed a short video for the "Long Night of Sciences" in September. A friend of mine said they needed some helping hands, so I joined them and eventually ended up running around in the park at night in a cowl together with another monk, a clown, a vampire and a witch. I bet the video will be awesome, we had so much fun filming it! 

By the way, the outfit is one of my most favourite casual outfits ever! It involves all clothes I like best: jeans, black shirt and plaid shirt. And also the most comfortable shoes I ever owned, the good old Minnetonkas. Urban Pocahontas style with a bit of rock and grunge - voilà, that's totally me.
Hope you like the outfit - and also the new spot I discovered in my apartment to take photos.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. I love this outfit! Your plaid shirt and shoes look so cute and comfy xx

  2. die schuhe sind ja mal putzig, aww xx

  3. kann ich verstehen; das outfit gefällt mir auch sehr gut eben weils so lässig ist! :)

  4. I love your hair, I love your clothes, I love your style! Magical and rock! Kisses from France.

  5. Perfect casual look, love Led Zeppelin so this tee is fantastic. Looks great with the plaid!
    Have a fantastic weekend :)

  6. Hey, dein Outfit ist echt super lässig und sicher sehr bequem. Deine Schuhe haben es mir angetan :-)

    schau doch mal vorbei:

  7. be sure to share that video! Love your comfy "grunge" outfit

  8. you look amazing <3 i really like your shoes <3

  9. Richtig toller casual Look. Jetzt ist mir doch glatt entfallen wie das auf deutsch heißt. Sind die Schuhe echt so bequem, dann muss ich mir auch welche kaufen. Ich liebe Karohemden. Davon kann ich nie genug haben. Schön das du so eine super Woche hattest. Meine war furchtbar :D

    xx glamdevils

  10. Thanks for comment. :) Love your blog. I'm following you. :) Would you like to follow me back? I'm waiting for new post. Kisses :*
    Visit me: Fashion blog What is in the hat? KLIK!/Bloglovin

  11. Perfect casual look! I love your plaid shirt and your moccasins, they're awesome!

  12. That's a very cute look !

  13. Love the plaid shirt on you <3

  14. dankeschön für deinen lieben Kommi ♥
    Ich finde deine Haarfarbe so toll, ich hab so eine noch nie gesehen und die steht dir echt gut !
    Ist das deine Naturhaarfarbe?

  15. you're outfit looks realy nice ! it's so casual hehe I actually love your hair color and your hair itself because it looks so healthy ! ^_^ How did you dye it in this color? I really wanna have the same color too!~

    PS:Ich kann auch deutsch reden :D haha Wenn die Schuhe echt so bequem sind muss ich mir mal auch sowelche besorgen! :3


  16. Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar, habe mich sehr gefreut!
    Mal wieder super hübsch und total in deinem Stil; die Schuhe finde ich so klasse!

    Dir noch einen entspannten Sonntag Abend,

  17. Sounds like you have so much going on! That is fantastic! Congrats on handing in your registration! I can't wait to hear more about your October trips! That is such a great casual outfit! I can see why it is your favorite! Love the plaid!


  18. die schuhe sind ja superschoen, sind die auch wasserfest?

  19. Love your shoes, dear!!


  20. You HAVE TO post the link to the video!!!:)


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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