Thursday, 29 April 2010

in my bag

Hi guys!

I passed my exam! The one I was always talking about, the one that is so important. Probably the most important exam together with my bachelor thesis! The logic exam!
I was not sure if I'd pass at all and on top of that I'd never thought that I could pass with a good grade.
Well, yesterday night I took a look on my lecturer's homepage for the results and I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that I have a 2,0! That's so awesome!

So, I've been happy since yesterday and today I wanted to get up early and style nicely and do something special with my hair to look fab when telling everybody about the exam (that sounds stupid and vain, I know, but anyway...). Well, I got up too late, found myself in front of a wardrobe with nothing to wear in it (because all my clothes were scattered on the bed already) and the braids I had created on my head kept falling apart 5 minutes after finishing them..........
To cut a long story short: I dressed simple and comfy and wore my hair like everyday. Ah well whatever, at least my good mood has not fallen apart :)

dress: h&m, cardigan: mango, tights: hudson, shoes: ebay,
bangle: accessorize, watch: modcloth, necklace: matimarti

Today I prepared a little feature about the content of my bag for you:

bag & matching wallet: vans

So if you wonder what other girls carry around all day, here is what's in my bag (from left to right).

1. make-up bag (containing powder, eyeliner, kajal and blush) because I like to stay matte and pretty all day

2. Wuta hand cream with camomile (best hand cream ever, makes the skin so soft!)

3. a little bottle of hairspray because my hair can be balky when I'm out and about

4. my mobile phone (I keep it in this cute leopard purse to conserve the touch screen)

5. my wallet (which matches my bag, I bought them as a set)

6. very important: a bottle of water because I need to force myself to drink enough

7. a little bottle of deodorant (scent: waterlily, it's so refreshing on hot days)

8. a hair tie for bad hair moments

9. my MP3 player (an old Philips that my boyfriend assigned to me when buying himself an iPod)

10. cigarettes and a lighter (unhealthy smoking, I know, but I can't help doing it)

11. the sunglasses in a cute case (at least in spring/summer they're always in my bag)

12. chewing gum (connected with point 10)

13. my calendar (because I'm SO forgetful!)

Have a nice day!

P.S. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, but I took them in an empty seminar room at uni where the light wasn't that good and my cam had some problems. But at least it's not my kitchen wall in the background ;)

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  1. congrats on passing ur exam:) cute outfit!

  2. Schöne coole Schuhe...schön kombiniert!

  3. Congrats on passing your exam and doing soo well! very proud :) Great and simple outfit that's just awesome. Glad you had a good mood day, we all need some of those!!

  4. congratulations on your exammmmmmm! and hey, sometimes the outfits your put together in a hurry are the most comfortable AND the prettiest!
    (btw, you have the same phone as i do^^ same colour and everything haha. i have a little batsign shaped bag for it though^^

  5. congrats on your exam!! ohh i really like the owl necklace!! and the peacock feather bangle

    cool blog =)


  6. Congrats on passing the exam!!
    I loved that you did a post on the contents of your bag! Mine is so full of crap it's embarrassing! Hmm, this might inspire me to clean it out and do a similar post :)
    PS. What is kajal?

  7. That dress is so cute!I love this outfit and you look adorable in the photos. Congrats on the exam! Your purse is cute and so organized. I'm always finding receipts and things out of place in mine but the only things I must have in it are cell, tinted lip balm and wallet.

  8. That dress is perfect and congratulations on passing your exam! (And doing well in school!) It's such a great feeling when your hard work is rewarded! : ) You have much different items in your purse than I! That reminds me, I was tagged to do a purse post... well, it was really interesting and I'm glad you shared with us!

  9. congratulations! and i love the dress :)


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