Friday, 23 April 2010

spring hunger

Hi guys!

I only had to work until noon today, so I had enough time to take some pictures and enjoy the beautiful weather afterwards.
I also went to the city to go get some more presents because, as I said, it's birthday season at the moment and I'm wrapping gifts like crazy. There's one birthday party each weekend, I love it! But it makes you broke after some time haha...

Spring always makes my hunger for fruits grow bigger, so I'm snacking on some yummy grapes now. I so love fruit salad but I'm always too lazy too cut all the fruits. Grapes are cool, they are bite-sized from the beginning :)

shirt: volcom, cardigan: zara, skirt: h&m, belt: vintage, shoes: thrifted,
tights: accessorize, bracelets: accessorize, necklace: sarah et pauline

the duck came to visit my photoshoot :)

Oh and do you remember the tulips I bought for the kitchen table? They're still blooming! Isn't it great? I thought they wouldn't even survive their first night here in this household with a lack of a green thumb. But the florist'a advices really work!

Have a nice and sunny day!

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  1. You look great! especially loving those shoes and tights :) Have a great weekend and I'm so envious of your early day off from everything. Currently stuck at work where there are no customers and no music, but I do have the internet. Thank God!

  2. oh hai^^

    havnt stopped by in a really long time,i've been going through you latest posts^^ i havnt posted anything on chictopia lately BAH i cant really be bothered >_<

    i loooooove your tights *.* and zomg the duck is the sweetest!

    i MUST see what the florist person told you, i love tulips but they always die really fast =/

    (little lion man :D)

  3. Great outfit! I love your tights!! And I love key cute :)


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