Friday, 2 April 2010


Hi guys!

This stuff I'm posting is from yesterday when I was away the whole day to support my boyfriend's band on their concert in Cologne.

I had to drive with a navigation system and it was the shittiest weather ever, the wet streets were reflecting all the lights and I was so overextended (I hate to drive in the dark when it's raining!).
Well, 500 metres before arriving at the club, the police stopped me to tell me I ran a red light and I didn't even know where because I was so stressed! Argh..
So they wrote me a ticket and I have to pay 100 Euro! Damn!

At least I did not have to pay admission because I know their songs anyway, I was just there to take pictures and to be out and about, just for the sake of doing something.

Btw, look at my cuuute new shoes!! :)

shirt: ezekiel, jacket: h&m,

jeans: zara, shoes: sacha

This is tornapart :

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  1. Nice to find you here:) I'll add your blog to my blogroll, so that I'll never miss a post of your! By the way, you look so beautiful and your boyfriend's band looks fun!

  2. Oh snap, your bf's in a hardcore band too right?? My husband's in one, he used to play the guitar, now he's the vocals :D their band's called So This Is It :). I don't think they've made a myspace or anything yet, but your bf's band is BANGIN ;D hahaha, anyways onto this outfit. i LOVE it and it's show perfect! and i could just die over those shoes!


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