Friday, 9 April 2010

gifts for friends #1

Hi guys!

Today a feature that I plan to continue from time to time:

gifts for friends!

The birthday of one of my best friends approaches and I'm so proud of me because this is the first time for years now that I didn't buy a gift on the eleventh hour.

I know it's stupid to ask what she'd like to have, but I did it because I thought I'd be on the safe side then. Well, she told me she wants new brush heads for her electric toothbrush :D
Okay, I thought about buying these and at least wrap them up in a beautiful paper with a bow and all just to make it a nicer present, but it just felt strange to imagine her opening the present and just saying "Uhm yeah thanks."

I definitely needed something different! Something cute and pretty and not completely useless, but not too useful and boring, either. My friend has spent some hard weeks at the hospital, so I decided to buy something that makes her happy. I browsed the internet for hours and finally found a wonderful little online shop called

I bought:

a mini flower press for all the beautiful spring flowers,
blow bubbles in a little champagne bottle, lucky pills
(each one has a quotation about luck in it)

a beautiful birthday card, a DIY three little stripey mice set
and they sent it in a lovely paperbag with a real vintage photo on it

the mini flower press

the blow bubbles

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  1. Wow, such a great gift. I'm sure she will love it :) I have a friend's birthday coming up too. Maybe I should have a look and see if I can find something for her there.


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