Thursday, 17 June 2010

nice shirt

Hi guys!

"Nice shirt!" was what some fellow students said to me today. And I said: "Thank you, it's actually a skirt." And everyone was like "Whaaaat?"
Haha, it's so funny. I thought that wearing a skirt as a shirt or dress would be commonly known, but everywhere I go there are people wondering about this strange way of channeling bottoms into tops (or other way round).

skirt worn as top: ebay, belt + boots: vintage, cardi: thrifted, jeans: zara, necklace: claire's

It was the same when I wore a floral maxi skirt as a dress some weeks ago. I went to a birthday party like that and all my friends complimented me for always wearing cute dresses. They were totally astonished when I told them that it actually was a granny skirt that I bought on Ebay for 1 Euro!

My best friend said it would be a great thing to convert clothes like that. She didn't think of wearing a skirt as a top before, but that she sometimes saw pretty maxi skirts and didn't buy them because she just doesn't like maxi skirts. And it's also a matter of what suits you and what does not. I know that I look ridiculous in maxi skirts because they make me look even shorter than I am, but I can wear knee-length dresses, so why not pull the skirt up and belt it? :)

Did you have similar experiences with telling people your shirt is a skirt?

my new vintage boots

Oh, I did the laundry today, so one of my new finds is up for sale now in my shop
The Little Owl Vintage:

This lovely polkadot romper is the perfect summer piece to look chic in no time! Simply add heels or flats and a cute bag, et voilĂ : a wonderful vintage outfit!

Feel free to check out the other pretty pieces in my shop here!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I used to do that with skirts, but I'm always paranoid they're gonna fall down!

  2. You are such a creative gal! I love your shirt/skirt :) The belt, and boots are a nice touch! Hope you are having a lovely day!

  3. That is such a creative idea! I love it! And I love your boots. Great outfit :) Loving that polka dot dress too!!

  4. Oh that skirt is beautiful as a top. I'm always pretty safe and wear clothes as what they are supposed to be for the most part ha, but I guess I will look at maxi skirts differently from now on! (They also make me look stumpy, I'm only 5'1")

  5. I do that with my clothes sometimes... it looks cute on you as a top!

  6. Hey love!! I've missed reading your blog like CRAZY. Like seriously I was having some major withdrawel haha :). I have to say that you look absolutely fabulous!!!! This outfit is so amazingly inspirational, I am definitely going to try this out! Of course I will credit you :). Great work on this doll!!


  7. Hey, I know I commented on chictopia.... But I HAD to say again, I love your outfit! You look so put together. Those boots are just awesome! They look so comfy and yet so cool, which can be hard to find for me! And they even look like they'd fit onver my calf, perfection! :)

  8. My favorite piece is the sweater!! Love the colors! I have the perfect dress that would go with ;-)

  9. I do this all the time, especially with beach wear. I find that even at 40, and yes I said forty, that short and flowing is a good look for me, I still have good legs.
    I wanted to stop by and thank you for following me, I hope you find a little bit of sunshine amongst the pages of my blog!
    Mwah, now turn, and another on the other!

  10. really love your look! i like wearing short dresses or long shirts over jeans, too :)
    PS I'm hosting a collage giveaway, come and visit!

  11. I really like your necklace.
    Thanks, and yes, it's a fountain with light. :)

  12. I thought people knew about skirts/dresses for tops and all the other great ways you can recycle pieces in your wardrobe. Well at least you got to educate your friends in this very special art of dressing ;) Love the outfit you look super cute, as always!

  13. Great idea and it looks very nice! So sorry your wallet was stolen :(( Good luck with getting everything new. XX

  14. Freakin' love the shirt! I just did a post on some killer dresses over at my blog. Drop by my blog for a little girl talk sometime!

  15. Haha I wear skirts as tops or dresses too! =D Nothing strange about that! ^^

    It looks really great! =D

    Thanks for your comment! ^^



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