Wednesday, 9 June 2010

the Zara issue

Hi guys!

Just a quick update about yesterday and today. There's so much to do at the moment and not much time for blogging. But it will be better again when the weekend comes!

Okay, the whole story began yesterday (when i wore the outfit from the photos): I had to go to the old town for an appointment at the doctor's and used the free time afterwards to stroll up the shopping street. Suddenly an idea: I remembered some fab pants. Two of my friends have these beautiful beige Zara pants, made of a light summer cotton fabric and looking like men's trousers, but in a chic and stylish women's style. I wanted a pair like those so badly, so I seized the opportunity and went to the next Zara shop.

skirt: fleamarket, shirt: h&m, cardi + bangles: promod, belt: vintage, necklace + shoes: thrifted

Inside I grabbed the pants and some more similar ones, went into the dressing room, tried to squeeze myself into the clothes, had to detect that Zara clothes still don't fit my bodytype at all (as if I didn't know this before...), went out again, frowned and went home highly frustrated.
I almost posted a hate-post about Zara because they cut their clothes so tight, I mean hello, I can't believe all Spanish girls are so skinny?! I always wear size M, but when it comes to Zara, I don't even fit into a XL. Depressingly slim-fitting clothing...
Anyway, after calming down I had to admit to myself that I didn't want to write something bad about them because their stuff is simply too pretty, even if it doesn't fit me. My idea to buy such pants: rejected.

Okay, then today I went to Cologne for an appointment at the university hospital (I'm an invalid, I know...) and strolled up the shopping street there afterwards (déjàvue). This trousers issue was still circling in my head because I had seen a girl in such pants in the train and she looked fab. So I decided to try it again and on went my search for this kind of pants...

You won't believe where I finally found some: at New Yorker. I must admit I don't really like this shop because it still has this cheap-polyester-clothes image (know what I mean?), this is because when I was younger, the only girls who used to shop at new Yorker were chintzy chicks. But their stuff isn't that bad anymore, well, at least not completely.
Anyway, thank you New Yorker for selling pants that fit true to size! :)
(Will show them to you all very soon!)

I know that many girls who wear XS don't share my view on how Zara cuts their clothes, but I don't know how easy or hard it is to find something fitting when you are skinny because I've never been skinny. Maybe thinner girls have to mind other criteria? I don't know, I just can tell you that it's hard to find something that fits at Zara for curvier girls. Well, or if you find something, it's really depressing you that you have to buy a size XL. By the way, I believe some pieces are not even offered in L or XL there.

Having said this, I'm curious for your opinions about this topic! Please tell me about your experiences.

Have a nice day! :)
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  1. I can't believe you found that skirt at a flea market! It's so cute!! You look so lovely.

    I am often frustrated with popular retail sizing. Then I remember that girls 11-17 have on average the most disposable income and that clothing is designed to their sizes, not to the sizes of the average woman. I'm a small to medium almost everywhere and then L to XL at AA? What? Oh, right. Teenagers with rich parents.

  2. yeah, i agree. any of the cheap stores are always sized WAY smaller than a true fit. if you've eaten in the last month, you'll probably be an XL. hahaha sad but true. maybe they think onlt 12 year olds wear the clothes?

  3. I usually don't have much trouble with tops which I almost always wear M size.
    But pants or jeans.... that is another story. Much of the time I feel like I have to chose between the ultra low rise and too high waisted, badly shaped pants that remind me of what my mother wore 10 years ago. (Trust me not a good thing.) My size is not that big, but because im a lil' squishy round the edges, not trim and firm... Seems like pants either cut into me and create a muffin top effect, or after wearing for 10 min are so loose they could fall off....
    I need to find a happy medium in all of what is available currently in the shops. Wish me luck!! I'm glad you found what you were looking for :)

  4. I absolutley LOVE your skirt! How retro and love the yellow! You my dear have great style!

  5. hey girl, like your cloth! you look fantastic. your bloghead is also very special. i like what i see...

    i know what you are talking about. zara is usually not made for me ;-)

    have a nice day.

  6. hey! i'm spanish and my sister is very very skinny, she wears xs and she has to go to TrF or kids collection! shes as fed up as you with the most of the shops like zara! So you are not the only one who has problems with sizes ! In addition, we all are very small, so we have to cut every trousers we buy, and, in my case, when I try on any skirt or dress, they don't fit me at all, because i'm small, but i'm not that skinny..

    (I don't know if you understand me, my english is very bad!)

  7. Du siehst wunderschön aus! Dein Rock macht gute Laune;)

  8. Hey! I love your skirt and I'm glad you found alternate pants!

  9. Love your outfit! I've never shopped at Zara before, so I wish I could have an opinion on it, but I don't! As far as retail stores go, I pretty much stick to Urban Outfitters because I love the way everything fits! I'm obsessed. lol

  10. Wow, your skirt is gorgeous :) you are really good in 'thrifting',hehe... yellow stands out from the whole outfit, well done Carina~ :D

  11. I have the same problem.. cant realy fit in Zaras trousers or jeans.. realy frustating :/
    But i love the skirt, its gorgeous!

  12. Um, that whole OUTFIT is awesome, especially that skirt. I LOVE the yellow.

  13. Hi Süsse,

    sehr hübsches würde ich das auch aufjedenfall anziehen...sehr hübsch :)

    (Antwort pinke Wand)
    mh also ich denke ich werde es ausprobieren...hey immerhin ist es "nur" der Flur und ich habe nicht vor länger als 1,5 Jahre da drin zu wohnen - also was solls hihi...immerhin habe ich mir so eine Wand schon immer gewünscht :))

    @bad taste toast: ja die gegenüberliegende Wand ist und bleibt weiss...da wollte ich nur das Bild auf hängen...


  14. Hey Lovely!
    I'm so loving that outfit on you and the colours are just sooo amazing! I envy your skill in thrifting, seriously. We don't have Zara in Norway so I only go there when I'm out travelling and yes sizing is a problem but sometimes there are hidden gems. But as you said when you are a curvy girl high street shops aren't always the best place to shop. Gla you found the trousers you wanted at another shop. xxx


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