Thursday, 3 June 2010

shark and eagle, eagle and shark

Hi guys!

I completely forgot to tell you about a movie that I happened to watch the other day! Eagle vs. Shark, a really interesting and cute and funny nerd lovestory! Anybody knows it?
It's an older film from 2007 but I had not really heard of it before. I just think I remember having seen a short review with a funny photo of a boy wearing an eagle costume and a girl wearing a (freakin cool) shark costume:


Isn't this picture great? It actually is the DVD cover :)

I really loved that life and love are depicted pretty simple and naive in this movie, but that you don't get the impression of watching two idiots in love. It's more a kind of child-like playful and careless view on life and its ups and downs. And the main actress, Loren Horsley, is cute as a button in this role of the misty-eyed wallflower Lilly.

Okay, to say something about my outfit: it was perfectly comfy and a good choice for today's weather (and for running around on campus). I still didn't style new clothes, i took some "old" ones again and assigned myself the task to make this casual look more interesting with accessories. So, I hope you kinda like the result?! Well, I felt good in this outfit, so it can't be that bad :) And as my eyes are still irritated because of my allergy, I thought I put the focus on my lips instead by using the gorgeous plum lipstick that I won as a giveaway of Delightfully Tacky.

floral top: thrifted, cardi + scarf: h&m, jeans: zara, shoes: sacha,
belts: vintage + c&a,
jewelry: accessorize

Patrick and I went to the city today to go shopping - for him. He's going to have a job interview (only to keep up appearances, because he actually has the job already),so he needs a really chic outfit for the first time in his life. Means we had to go and buy a tie, black pants and some no-sneaker-shoes and damn this stuff is so expensive! We got all three pieces in the sale but Patrick still had to spend a little fortune on them. Well, at least the pants are from Levi's and he can put together some casual outfits with them, too.

lipstick: motives rich formula lipstick in color "vamp",
nailpolish: manhattan cosmetics collection nailpolish in colour 710G

Tomorrow is a holiday here in Germany, so we can pack ourselves on the sofa with a beer and relax a little now :)

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Great outfit...I love that sweater! That looks like a cute movie. I'll have to check it out!

  2. I LOVE Eagle vs. Shark, but mainly because I love Jemaine Clement ha! I'm also liking the belt around cardigan, i've been supporting that look myself recently! xx

  3. cute post, love the peacock bangle


  4. That floral top is so cute and I love your cardigan! That plum lipstick is soooo good and looks so pretty on you! Also, OMGBEAAAAAAARS I LOVE EAGLE VS. SHARK. I have been pumped on this movie since before it was out AND own it on the DVD. : ))) So funny. "Tell him that JUSTICE is coming for him!" "Okay, Justin, byebye!"

  5. Looking gorgeous as always darling, I always enjoy seeing the cute and lovely accesories you style your outfits with, you always have the nicest scarves and necklaces!
    Also, love the plum lipstick, I'm a huge fan of dark colored lipsticks too, I've got like 5 in various shades of plum :P

    Lots of love

  6. Love dark lipsticks, that top, and your peacock bracelet! I have a slight peacock obesssion ha.

  7. I love your colorful layers! And I still need to see that movie!

  8. Eagle vs Shark, NZ's answer to Napoleon Dinamite such a great movie and it's so good to see it being promoted places other than NZ.

    Your outfits super cute and casual which is awesome by the way.

  9. Um, I love your style in clothes and now movies! I laughed so hard at this movie trailer! I called my boyfriend so hey could check it out! We both agreed we would really enjoy this movie :)
    I think your outfit is fab, it is a great color for you!

  10. I really like the outfit, it's casual but oh so pretty perfect for those busy days. Wish I could accessories like you do lafy but I just don't have it in me and don't have that much to accessorise with.. also will have to check out that film now. I have heard of it but that was a long time agao. Enjoy your day off :)

  11. LOVE LOVE that movie and this outfit!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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