Wednesday, 2 June 2010

damn oaks

Hi guys!

The oaks are blooming right in front of our living room and bedroom windows and my allergy is getting worse and worse, isn't it nice? I really like spring and I can also handle all the rainy days we have here in Germany (it's been the coldest May since... well, I don't know, it's cold), BUT I'm really annoyed by the oaks. Sometimes my eyes itch so bad that I want to scratch them out and then they look red, so I put eye make up on because I know I won't scratch and smudge the black across my face in public. Other way round irritated eyes don't like eyeliner very much, so it's a vicious circle.
I have these pills against the symptoms, but I think they put tranquilizer in them cause I feel so totally exhausted when I take them...

skirt: only via ebay, shirt: h&m, wrap cardi: hallhuber, belt: vintage,
tights & necklace: accessorize, boots: bullboxer, alice band: six

Anyway, enough complaining for today. The outfit is another attempt on putting together a nice look with wellknown pieces. I have some more new clothes up my sleeve but due to the allergy issue and preparations for presentations and all, I was not in the mood to style them properly. They are pretty, so they deserve to be styled with love soon :) Furthermore there's another huge fleamarket on Saturday where I might find some more accessories. I realized that I don't own enough non-knit scarves for spring and I also need more belts, plus I'm still looking for some brown ankle boots or brogues.

(yikes, I need to dye my roots...)

Okay, now I feel that my eyes don't want to support my passion for blogging any longer. I'm going to put an ice pack on them and relax on the sofa.

Have a nice day! :)

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  1. very pretty look !!!

    and stay strong for your allergy !!!!!!!!

    xxx !!!!!!!

  2. Very cute outfit. I'm also annoyed by such rainy days. Here I have the feeling right know that I'm in London or so. Since 48h non stop rain..I'm so sick of it.

  3. I'm in love with your skirt ♥

  4. veryyyyyy nice outfit
    I'm especially in love with the skirt!
    and your blog is so cute, just found it
    I'll defiantly be coming back for more!
    have a nice day
    much love

  5. I love everything about this outfit! It's great. And I know exactly how you feel right allergies are driving me crazy! It's exhausting!!!! I hope you feel better soon :)

  6. That skirt is so cute!
    I'm lucky to not really have any allergies like this.... I have reactions to some chemicals, but at least I can control them.

  7. So sorry about the allergies! That is no fun! You look fabulous though :) The skirt is soooo pretty!

  8. My boyfriend has severe allergies, so I know it's no fun! Hope you feel better!!

  9. Nice outfit! I love all the leather touches.

    Christy from
    Dress Rehearsal

  10. I love the skirt, the print is so pretty.

  11. Keep popping those pills, you love gorgeous!

  12. I love love love this look and I know how you feel about spring time's starting to bother me to. But for me it's a combination of cold symptoms and eye problems... oh well!

  13. That skirt is so pretty! Sorry to hear your allergies are so is the worst when they get to your eyes.

  14. oo bad this allergy. I have hay fever and that's terrible because i live on the countryside! Great skirt and yes your roots have to be dyed :)) xx

  15. Oh ... dieser Rock steht dir super:)


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