Tuesday 11 May 2010

same dress, different day

Hi guys!

This is the same H&M dress I wore yesterday, I think I've already said that I wear things twice or more. Maybe some people think that's impossible because of hygienic reasons and others are simply too spoiled or too much a fashion victim to wear one outfit for several days... but I have a normal transpiration that allows me to do so and I also don't mind to look the same on two or more days in a row.

dress: h&m, cardi: vintage, scarf: ebay, tights: accessorize,
boots: bullboxer, bangles: accessorize, necklace: labyrinth vintage

It really disturbs me when I take off, say, a shirt in the evening and it's worn, so that I can't put it back in the wardrobe. You know what I mean? I'm a bit wacky about how to separate the laundry :) In my opinion, a used shirt can't be put back into the wardrobe (even if it smells perfectly fresh), but it's still too good to be thrown into the laundry basket either. For these cases I have a clothes rack as a kind of entrepot or I simply wear the shirt again the next day. Anyone else as wacky as me? Is it wacky at all? I find it so normal?!

Did you notice that today's photos were taken in a new location that you haven't seen yet? This, my dear readers, is the place in which I spend most of my time at uni, it's the philosophy students council room. I'm not a real member of the council, but I know them all from the beginning of my studies and I'm also involved in a lot of stuff there, so this is my favourite place to go.
It's really comfortable there with all the old sofas and armchairs and crumbs on the floor (philosophers are messy) and papers and books lying around. Furthermore there's always a cozy atmosphere because the room is located in the basement of the Philosophical Institute, where only a little bit of light finds its way through the fanlight.
Another advantage is the steady cool air there in the summer :)

So this was the little virtual excursion into the philosophy council room. I hope I can show you more new backgrounds in my photos soon. I'm always looking for new places to take photos (without being watched by too many people of course).

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I love the way you styled your dress today and the setting!

  2. Danke :) Sehr lieb von dir!
    Ich will deine Stiefel!

  3. I like the styling.
    And you are not wacky, I don't have a clothes rack I just use my floor/small chair for those in-betweener clothes. Also I don't see the problem of wearing something more than once, isn't that the way it should be? if not imagine all the laundry :o

  4. Neat to see inside your university, I love to see bits of other countries, real bits that is, not touristy bits :) I like glimpses into the real lives of people from all over the world :)

    Also, I am exactly the same with my clothes. I have a chair in my bedroom that has all sorts of slightly worn clothes tossed on it. Sometimes I won't wear a shirt more than once, but I almost always wear pants or skirts at least twice before washing. Esp. when I have to share washing facilities with others :S
    You're not wierd at all!


  5. I love your boots! And I will wear the same piece of clothing a couple times before washing it sometimes. It depends if I feel it is clean enough. But, usually I think it's always fine to wear again. So, I think it's normal!

  6. i really like this. it has a nice vintage feel. love the boots alot :)

  7. LOve the style and the dress. Laughed about the philosophy students council with all the beer crates in the back! xx

  8. Hi meine Liebe,

    sehr schöne Strumpfhose :)

    Hast mich in der Grazia gesehen??

    Wünsch Dir einen schönen Tag

  9. wow, I love your blog.
    You're not wacky at all! :)

  10. I love your outfit, super beautiful.
    I too wear the same thing a few days in a row, i think its rediculous when people will wear somethingfor a few hours and then throw it in the laundry!

  11. Ahhhh .. deine Kette ist ja so bezaubernd!!! Will haaaaaaaaaaben....
    Wo hast du diese her????!!!!

  12. The dress is still so cute and I love your necklace! People who won't wear the same item/look two days in a row are silly. Or rather, they're probably not admitting they do the same thing. You can be fashionable and human at the same time.

  13. If I owned this dress I would wear it multiple days in a row as well!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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