Sunday, 9 May 2010

ants in the granny pants

Hi guys!

As promised, here's the outfit post for today. I didn't really leave the appartment today, only to go to the supermarket, because Patrick has to work at the German regional election the whole day and I didn't want to go out and spend money on something. I'm a bit short of cash this month, so I wanted to save money today so that I can spend it tomorrow cause I'm going to a big fleamarket!
I'm so looking forward to it, I love fleamarkets! :)
What's even better is, that I go there with a friend who I don't meet very often. She actually lives pretty much in the next town, but somehow we're both too busy.

pants: ebay, shirt: h&m, cardi: h&m,
hair accessoires: h&m, tights: accessorize, shoes: görtz
necklace: accessorize

And now for something completely different: the granny pants. Well, I bought them on Ebay for only 4 Euro and I really like their look. I've seen these kind of pants in so many blogs in the last time and found them so cool, but I've only seen them on skinny girls. I'm not sure if I can pull them off as good as skinny people. I'm not really skinny, so what do you think: shall I keep them or rather not? Please tell me, I'm not sure yet.
I haven't worn the pants out, I just wanted to try out how to style them.

Well, that's pretty much it for today because, as I said, I was at home most of the time. I found a really cute online shop that sells the most beautiful bag I've ever seen! I'll make a post about it very soon! Just wait and see! ;)

Oh and the lovely lady from In Bug's Drawers
has a great giveaway going on at the moment!
Click the picture to head over and join!

Have a great day!

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  1. This outfit looks amazing on you! I bought a pair of ridiculous grandma pants for $3 yesterday and I was thinking of wearing them... then thinking it's too hot... and now I think I have to wear them because you look so good!!!

  2. Oh my goshness, lovely lady you look soooo great, it's actually ridiculous! I love those trousers, so you are not allowed not to wear them. You must proudly take to the streets and show them off. You look just as chic as all the other ladies I have seen rockin' this look!

  3. OH wow these pants are fantastic! I think you'd be mad not to keep them, they look lovely on you and I have sheer outfit envy right now!!!

    I baaadly want to try this look out too not just because it looks so damn good but because I really want a pair of pants like these to go bike riding in (bike riding in skirts is kind of difficult :P ) only I haven't been so lucky as to find a pair as nice as these yet...hopefully I will soon though!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and linking back to your fabulous blog, definately putting you on my reading list doll :)

  4. Die Hose finde ich wirklich klasse. Sie passt sehr gut zu dem Cardigan :).

  5. Hose und shuhe,sehr schön. I'll continue in English, my written English is better than my Deutsch.(oh, die Grammar!)Have fun at the fleamarket, i love them too. xx

  6. LOVE this outfit:) The layers are great!

  7. I love the pants! I say they are a keeper :)

  8. Wow ... was für ein schönes outfit!


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