Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Hi guys!

I hope you're doing fine?
I felt so indecisive today! I've been feeling like this for some days now, somehow I've been having difficulties with putting together refreshing new outfits with all the "old" clothes I got. Well, they're not old, but I've shown them in pictures a lot and it's getting harder to remix well-tried pieces without repeating looks from the past. Today's outfit for example includes nothing new, every piece in this look can be seen in the history of my blog and/or chictopia posts of the last months.

shirt: h&m, cardi: zara, skirt: surplus, tights: accessorize,
shoes: thrifted, belt: c&a, necklace: claire's

I have some pretty new pieces up my sleeve, but unfortunately it's not the weather for them yet...and I don't want to wear all my spring dresses with a jeans and pretend they are a tunic.
And I feel like there's such a lack of shoes in my shoe cabinet! It sucks that I own lots of sneakers and flats (is that what you call them? or are they ballet flats or something?), but there's no single pair of pretty vintage brogues or ankle boots to wear. I've been looking for them forever but it's really hard to find some that look good inspite of my sturdy calves.

Well, the cute miss of Pribble-Prabble had a post about her gorgeous new shoes from Görtz yesterday, so she inspired me to go there today...guess what I found? Some fab light grey lace-ups with a springy restrained butterfly deco. I love them! And they were a single pair in the sale, yay! :) 40 Euro for genuine leather shoes.

Oh and I'm wearing this gorgeous new lipstick I won at a giveaway competition of Delightfully Tacky! It has the perfect plum colour, I love it! But I don't wear it in its full blaze of colour cause it would look too gothic with my pale skin ;)
Thanks again Elizabeth!

Because of my own and my mother's birthday at the weekend, I also bought:

two kinda ethno-style necklaces for my mum (she loves jewelry as much as I do)

and two lovely rings as a pre-birthday present for me :)
(please ignore my chubby fingers...)

Have a nice day! :)

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  1. Those shoes are absolutely lovely, seriously what a great find. Love what you found for yourself and your mother. And I know what you mean about not feeling inspired about what us in your wardrobe, especially when it's this in between weather. But you do look lovely, as always :)

  2. You did a great job mixing old clothes! It's much more of a challenge to pull off something you've already styled instead of throwing on new items! And I own sooo many flats. I just like to walk comfortably, I guess! Hehe :)

  3. I am more inspired this week compared to last week. This week it has finally risen above 20C so I can finally wear some of my more summery pieces.
    I know how you feel, in autumn I tried on so many pairs of boots that fit fine on the foot, but I couldn't even zip them over my calves, soooo discouraging!! I have so many pairs of sneakers and flats too, lol, thats what happens when I can't wear heels. Also, I LOVE flip flops! Nice pretty ones :) You should get some if you're looking for comfy shoes, they are the best!

  4. That tee is so cool! and I love the mix with the army-style skirt!

  5. Loving the color of that lipstick! It suits you well :) And those rings are adorable! I have been having a hard time coming up with new outfits. I can't wait til the weather changes so I can mix up my clothes a bit!

  6. i love the ring with the flower fabric!love it!i make jewellery so it's always nice to see interesting pieces for inspiration :)

  7. Hi!! I just wanted to stop by and say how cute your blog is!! I stumbeled across it through a friends and glad I did! Very cute clothes and pretty jewlrey!

  8. Oh I adore your rings..the heart flower one is my favourite. Thanks for visiting me and have a great day. xo

  9. Oh ... das ist ja süß, dass du mich extra erwähnt hast:)
    deine Schuhe sind aber auch wirklich wunderschön und sehen so verdammt bequem aus?! Ich habe solche ähnliche von Tamaris in weiß.
    Die Ringe sind wunderschön? Wo hast du diese her?

  10. Die Schuhe und die Ringe sind einfach wundervoll ♥
    liebe grüße :))

  11. girl i know exactly how you feel about remixing! :( it's getting harder and harder for me too, because all i have are summer dresses hahaha. :) anyways i love your outfit because your remix was absolutely amazing! :) have a great day doll, xoxo

    lyndsey :)

  12. I love your jewelry!


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