Monday, 10 May 2010

lots of knick-knack

Hi guys!

Today was the fleamarket! It was my first fleamarket visit this year and had almost forgotten how much I love all the knick-knack the people offer there :)
I was wondering how many odds and ends must be lie around in the basements of the houses here in Duesseldorf. It's unbelievable, I'm always stunned about what people keep for years instead of throwing it away.
Some of my favourite quirky/funny sightings today were an old bright orange telephone, some supersparkly golden old lady pumps and a whole stand full of vintage toys! Awesome!

dress: h&m, leggings: mango, cardi: zara, boots: thrifted,
necklace: accessorize

But I didn't buy much deco, I was focused on clothing, shoes and accessoires for me and for my upcoming etsy shop (because it seems the ebay buyers are too cheap to bid on things lately, so I'll put my ebay shop off for a while).

Okay, now about my finds: I found much more pretty stuff than I thought. And everything was really dirt cheap! I'll have to sort out what I keep for myself and what will be sold (I'm bad at giving pretty clothes out of my hands haha).
I bought a cute little leather bag, a wonderfully coloured sun dress, a chic darkblue top, a big scarf, a yellow floral skirt, a lovely watercolour-polkadots shirt, a floral tie, a floral scrunchy and two adorable matryoshkas (I love matryoshkas!), and I didn't spend more than 35 Euro on all of that! It was a great bargain shopping spree.

my friend and the seller looking for the shoe

The friend I went to the fleamarket with found some simple black vintage leather pumps...well, she was a bit unlucky today, because actually she only found one shoe and the other one was missing. The seller couldn't find it anywhere around his stand and offered her to look for the second shoe in his garage tonight and call her, so she could come and fetch it next week, haha. What a stupid coincidence to find the only shoe from this seller that doesn't have a matching part.

Anyway, I'm waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work now, so we can have supper (I'm so hungry...). Poor Patrick had to run around the state parliament and look after crashed computers all day and had no freetime this weekend. I'm so glad I'm still a student :)

Have a nice Sunday!

now playing: chiddy band feat. mgmt - the opposite of adults (kids)
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  1. Oh great! I enjoyed my Sunday too. I have been to flea market also :)
    I like your leggings, the print is so vintage. Between, I am eyeing at your big scarf,haha... I love the prints and the blue color edge of that scarf :D

  2. I still love that blue dress and it's so pretty with the floral leggings! It sounds like you had a fantastic time at the flea market! That is horribly disappointing your friend could only find one shoe... Also, the flea market in Vancouver is pretty much like a giant pawn shop. There is a lot of gold, it's inside a big dim building... and there are a lot of sketchy TVs for sale... haha!

  3. Die Sachen die du da gefunden hast, sehen toll aus :). Ich bin neidisch!

  4. I am in love with all of those dresses.

  5. What fun...everything looks amazing...but my favourite today is your flower tights...I sooooo want a pair. Hugs for a great week.

  6. Looks like you had a great time, can't wait to see what you keep for yourself. I just wish I knew where to go for such great bargains here in Norway...

  7. Ich liebe Flohmärkte, da kann man noch so manchen Schatz entdecken.
    Das Kleid, was du trägst ist übrigens sehr hübsch :)

  8. Wow lucky, flea markets are the best for finding quirky vintage pieces :D
    your floral tights are amazing!


  9. Sounds like fun! It looks like you found a lot of great things. I always have a hard time finding the treasures at flea markets, and I love seeing when people do! Again, I love your tights! So cute.

  10. Wow, looks like you had a great day :) The prints on those pieces look so cheery!


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